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Cannabis as Holistic Herb for Extreme Athletes and Sliding Sport Enthusiasts

Holistic Herb

Cannabis a Holistic Herb to enchance the experience or enchance performance?

Cannabis as Holistic Herb for Extreme Athletes and Sliding Sport Enthusiasts: According to the British Journal of Sport Medicine, “Athletes engaged in extreme sports are likely to use cannabis.”

Many who’ve stood in a chairlift line at a winter resort, walked past a skatepark that’s just off the beaten path, or sat barefoot on a beach while surfers ride lunar nudges to the sea would know by little more than following their nose that the many cultures of extreme/sliding sport are deeply connected to cannabis usage.

Why is that? Is this holistic herb a performance enhancer? Really? To the non-smoker, the idea of skateboarding down a handrail on the streets or flying down an Alaskan face while dodging avalanches is scary enough sober, nevermind high. Do the participants of these sports have death-wishes, Olympic dreams or holistic life hacks? Are they artists, athletes or both? And should cannabis usage truly be considered a ‘doping’ device if, after all it is little more than a ‘perspective enhancer?’

Local circles in the magnetic action sports mecca of Whistler know the multi-disciplinary talents of one Kye Petersen. He’s an industry prince, son of the late king of the Tantalus Mountain range, Trevor Petersen and he can be seen skiing and often starring in a series of award-winning films made in the past decade: Session 1242, The Edge of Never, All.I.Can, In Search and many more.

“In general, I smoke for the holisitic and spiritual benefits of cannabis as a holistic herb.” Petersen says. “Sometimes before a hike or once I’m down from a big-mountain line… it’s a source of mountain comfort to have on me just in case, and I have it at all times when I’m out there.”

Petersen doesn’t compete in Olympic events but does try his hand at big-mountain competitions from time to time. This kind of contest will not likely be seen in the Olympics anytime soon, mainly because of it’s natural, creative nature (something which the holistic, perspective and artistic enhancing properties of cannabis may very well affect in terms of what lines one chooses to ride as well as what tricks one does on the way down.)

“If I already have a goal in mind then smoking before I drop-in can really calm me down, but it’s important to have your priorities straight and use the right weed at the right time. It all largely depends on what strain to take and when.”

But is it a performance enhancer?

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