Champagne and Cannabis: Marketing Perspective

champagne and cannabis

champagne and cannabisBuried in centuries of celebrations and romanticism the truth about Champagne is smart marketing. As late as the 17th century, Champenois winemakers, most notably the Benedictine monk Dom Pérignon , were still trying to rid their wines of the bubbles

When Dom Pierre Perignon could not solve the problem of bubbles produced by a secondary in-bottle fermentation he created a new product and a marketing strategy. Dom Perignon pitched the product, labeled Champagne, to Royalty. He sought and received the endorsement of the King. Dom Perignon changed public perception of bubbles in wine from bad wine to Champagne, the drink of Royalty, and prestige. A niche market was created.

Does your Cannabis-centric product have bubbles?

It is easy to become focused on one marketing perspective and one marketing message. The cannabis industry forces entrepreneurs to be creative and innovative in their marketing approach. It also forces entrepreneurs to make decisions without consumer data.

There is no stereotypical cannabis consumer.

Your price point will determine your target market. Are you selling a $6 sparkling wine or a $60 Champagne? Does your branding reflect the quality of your product?  

Change your perception – Look for the Bubbles.

“Come quickly, I am drinking the stars,”  is from a Champagne ad dating from the 1880s. Does your cannabis-centric product have an image that inspires romance, exclusivity, prestige, night out with friends, or is your product image utilitarian?

Market The Bubbles.

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