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The Elevator To Success Is Out of Order

Chamber Talk

You will have to take the stairs to success. Building a business involves a series of steps. In the Cannabis Industry it can feel like being on an escalator that can change direction without notice.

The first steps to building a business involves filing paperwork, business plan, marketing plan, financials and cost projections. Entering into a cannabis-centric business also requires up to date knowledge of laws and regulations. It requires an awareness of rapidly changing consumer trends and emerging market opportunities.

One of the biggest obstacles is the advertising regulations. Traditional marketing agencies’ approach coming into the cannabis marketplace is the same model they are using for mainstream businesses. There is nothing traditional or mainstream about the cannabis industry. Advertising restrictions have changed marketing dynamics.

Cannabis-centric marketing is fresh, innovative and always evolving. It is primarily web based. In traditional markets a business can do a website that is relevant and effective year after year. In the cannabis market it is important to update your look on a yearly basis. Your logo and branding need to be designed to make this transition.

As more companies and individuals enter into the cannabis industry your competition becomes more aggressive. Your online presence needs to be constantly be updated to ensure your continual success.

Take an active interest in the marketing process. You are the expert on your product or service, your customer base, and the cannabis market.

The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce’s offers cannabis classes for businesses and entrepreneurs.  How To Get Into The Cannabis Industry:Launch, Marketing to Cannabis Consumers and Businesses, Branding for the Cannabis Market, and E-Commerce for cannabis-centric businesses which includes How to Build an E-Commerce site, how to Market Your E-Commerce Site.

The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce hosts monthly networking events designed to showcase the cannabis community and businesses.

Membership gives you access to discounts on cannabis classes and access to Members Only networking events, Think Tanks, and mentorship.

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