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Medical Cannabis Holds Promise for Ailing Pups

Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis holds promise for ailing pups. Thanks to a daily dose of medical cannabis, pets are finding relief from their physical ailments; a bulldog who spent two years either lying down or throwing up now plays like a puppy; a boxer’s skin cancer begins to disappear following topical applications of cannabis oil; a 12-year-old labrador-mix diagnosed with liver and lung cancer regains his appetite and becomes more himself after his owner gives him a cannabis tincture.

These aren’t isolated incidents, but rather, three in an ever-increasing narrative of companion animals and cannabis-assisted healing. These stories offer hope that the lives of aging and/or infirm dogs can be improved, perhaps even extended with cannabis.

Yet, Medical Cannabis holds promise for ailing pups. Thanks to a daily dose of medical cannabis, pets are finding relief from their physical ailments. Why? Because cannabis is currently a Schedule I controlled substance: even if vets believe that medical marijuana could or would relieve a dog’s pain, nausea or seizures, their hands are tied.

Recommending cannabis for medicinal use exposes them to the loss of their license to practice. It’s a difficult place for a vet to have a remedy that has been shown to have very real benefits, but not be able to use it, or even mention it, without career-ending consequences.

Nonetheless, some have put their livelihoods at risk by challenging that prohibition, usually for the same reasons given by the late Doug Kramer, DVM, of Chatsworth, Calif., in a 2013 interview: compassion, and to prevent owners from accidentally overdosing their animals in well-intentioned efforts to relieve pain.

Not surprisingly, when people benefit from a particular treatment, they tend to share it with their ailing companion animals. And with medical marijuana they’re doing so in increasing numbers, acting on the belief that if it works for them, it can also work for their pet. In doing so, they’re not necessarily curing incurable conditions, but some are helping their animals enjoy daily life with a better appetite and less pain until age or disease ultimately catches up.

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