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Seven Points World Tour

Seven Points World Tour

Seven Points World Tour: Unified Communities through Educational Experiences

Seven Points World Tour Mission :
As states and countries once again legalize cannabis and hemp, those communities will need to have a solution for legal, safe, consumption and the use of these products. Our goal is to produce a duplicable, sustainable outreach event, re-educating societies about the cannabis plant, while participating in community engagement, in an entertaining atmosphere.

Seven Points World Tour Vision:
*To open up and normalize the conversation about cannabis and hemp
*To be diverse, inclusive and work with all parties interested in facilitating a solution to social consumption and education about the plant
*To encourage collaboration between the Medical, Recreational, and Hemp industries
*To showcase companies who practice Quadruple Bottom Line practices; People, Planet, Philanthropy, and Profit
*To interact with local, political representatives to stay compliant in each jurisdiction
*To provide tools, knowledge, and education, that allow those not familiar with cannabis and hemp to understand the financial, medical, social and cultural elements of this amazing plant
*To give people an option to make healthy choices for themselves
*To change the lives of cannabis consumers by providing a safe space for consumption
*To educate those not familiar with cannabis and hemp

 Seven Points World Tour Values:
*Empowering individuals to learn about cannabis and hemp in a unique, fun, interactive and entertaining environment
*Helping people think and learn differently. Pioneering, enhancing and collaborating with local jurisdictions, international, federal and state laws, rules and regulations
*Allowing consumers to take 100% responsibility for their choices, decisions to consume cannabis, to change attitudes, perspectives and negative stereotypes of cannabis consumers
*Build and protect trust for venues that comply with ordinances in legalized states
*Make guests feel welcome. Live in inclusion. De-stigmatize the perception of cannabis consumers not familiar with cannabis and hemp.

Dr. Uma Dhabalan – Keynote Speaker

Rep. Jonathan Singer

Rep. Joe Salazar – AG Candidate

Hemp Way Foods Luncheon Sponsor

Flora’s Mercantile Baked Goods and Teas


Seven Points World Tour



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