Cannabis Sommelier

Cannabis Sommelier Basics 

Course Description:

Welcome to the world of quality cannabis!  With the emergence of the cannabis sommelier role, industry standards matter now more than ever.  What exactly does this new role encompass, and how does it relate to the standardized assessment of cannabis?  To understand this question, this course will delve into basic cannabis terminology, science and safety.  Objective and subjective quality indicators will be reviewed, and participants will be invited to complete a real-time cannabis sommelier led quality assessment.

Attendees must be at least 21 years old.

Learning Objectives:

Describe Role of Cannabis Sommelier

Define Basic Cannabis Terminology

Identify modalities of ingestion, associated onsets and durations

Outline Objective and Subjective Cannabis Quality Indicators

Identify process elements of Cannabis Quality Assessment

Who is this course designed for?  

Dispensary Owners, Managers , Budtenders & Other Staff 

Develop the expertise to select the highest quality cannabis and provide your customers with a level of knowledge that gives your dispensary a competitive edge.

Cultivation Managers 

Develop insights into what the consumer is looking for when selecting cannabis strains to ensure product varieties meet needs of diverse customer sectors.

Prospective Dispensary Owners, Managers and Budtenders

Get a leg up in the industry by developing foundational knowledge on cannabis science, safety and quality.

Prospective Cannabis Sommeliers 

Learn what’s required to excel in this new role, especially with the emergence of cannabis consumption lounges in Nevada, California , Michigan and more coming soon.

Individuals Passionate about Cannabis 

You will never look at cannabis the same way again!

Meet the Instructor:

Cannabis SommelierWith over a decade of experience working in Palliative Care, Tamara Lilien developed a keen understanding of gaps that exist in the health care system.  After experiencing the medical benefits of cannabis firsthand, she transitioned into a career in Cannabis Education and Consulting.   Her company, CannaLily Consulting was borne of her unwavering belief that – whether used medically and/or recreationally-anyone who desires it should have easy access to cannabis and trustworthy, reliable information.

As a certified Level 2 Cannabis Sommelier, Tamara was selected from 25,000 applicants to serve on the world’s first Cannabis Curation Committee ( and has held that position since April 2018.  The AHLOT™ Cannabis Curation Committee consists of Canadian cannabis connoisseurs.  The CCC’s main role is to help curate the best cannabis cultivars that Canada has to offer.

To enhance her current skill set, in 2020 she completed a Cannabis Educator for Health Care Professionals Certificate at Michener Institute (UHN). Tamara also has certificates in CBD Basics and Cannabis Holistic Medicines.

Tamara speaks at cannabis events and conferences in Canada and the United States. She has participated in numerous panels and is often featured or quoted in digital and print media.

She is a volunteer for NORML Canada (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and the Canadian Cancer Society.

Cannabis Sommelier


Tamara is passionate about educating the masses, dispelling myths, facilitating informed decision-making, breaking down barriers and creating accessible communities.

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Attendees must be 21 years old.

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Cannabis Sommelier