CEO Business Courses

CEO Business Courses for cbd, hemp, and cannabis companies are available as stand alone classes as part of the Women Cultivating Success Conference THC and Women Cultivating Success Conference CBD-Hemp.

Lessen the risks of opening and operating a canna-centric company by starting with relevant, real-world instruction from successful entrepreneurs.

The courses are part of the “How to Open” 9 Hour Downloads with the exception of the Preparing for Investors, Partnerships and Mergers course. This course is only available at Women Cultivating Success Conferences.

The CEO Business Courses are recommended for businesses in the development stage, start ups, and businesses beginning expansion.

The first action to set up a business will involve a contract. The contract could be between the entrepreneur and a website designer, landlord or vendor. It is important to the success of your company to have an understanding of the documents you sign and to recognize when you need a contract.

Employee contracts are part of your employee manual, package and Human Resources. The employee manual is one of many Standard Operating Procedures you will need to generate.

If you are in a business that has direct contact with cannabis it is important to write Standard Operating Procedures that are in compliance with State and Federal regulations on cannabis. Cannabis companies cannot launch or stay in business without being compliance.

Intellectual Property which includes trademarks, copyrights, and patents is a confusing area for many companies. Having your intellectual property infringed upon can cost you more than a court action and money. It can cost your business reputation. Social media has expanded the definition of intellectual property and added new challenges to protecting your propitiatory concept and information.

At any stage of business you may find yourself in negotiations with potential partners, investors and merger opportunities. You need to be prepared and have a strategy. Most investor and partner interaction begins with a pitch deck.

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