Networking and Special Events

Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce WCCC

In this fast paced industry, the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce’s (WCCC) goal is to give entrepreneurs access to the people who can genuinely answer their questions and concerns.

Angelita Green has over 20 years of experience in accounting and management. She has worked with Cannabis clients for over 7 years from seed to sale industries. New Leaf EA

Felicia Hunter has extensive experience in all controllership functions including transactional accounting, GAAP accounting, cost accounting, entire month end-close, and reporting and analysis.  Euphoric Accounting

Marissa Matsusaka, brings nearly a decade of experience in various aspects of accounting to provide help to cannabis businesses and support the success of the industry. Buds CFO

 Erica Sloan is a well-credentialed and detail-focused accounting professional with over 17 years of success as a trusted advisor. DopeCFO

Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

Luna Stower is the Chief Impact Officer for Ispire (one of the top 3 vape manufacturers in the world), Ispire brings Dope Hardware to the Cannabis Vape industry with OEM/ODM carts, disposables, batteries, induction dab devices & packaging.

An experienced executive and thought-leader in the cannabis industry, she is known for designing and manufacturing high-quality cannabis vaporization hardware for oil brands.

She played a key role in the growth and success of Jetty Extracts and Ispire.

Luna has had a significant impact as a powerful female voice for justice, and an influential, driving force for positive change.

Kayla King is a member of the Ispire Team. Her professional background is in customer service, sales, branding and communication. Kayla has a passion for connecting people with people and connecting people with high-quality innovative products. 

Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

Sheva Pekar, the Founder and CEO of PsyCann Advisors, a Colorado cannabis and psychedelic consulting company. Sheva is an advocate for research and education and is at the forefront of the decriminalization and legalization of magic mushrooms in Colorado. She has been an advocate for cannabis industry clients since 2014, providing strategic industry vision and a long-term supportive approach to business development.

Kevin Matthews is the CVO and Founder of Helix Consulting Group, Designated Representative for the Natural Medicine Health Act, Coalition Director of Natural Medicine Colorado. Kevin is the President of Denver Psilocybin Mushroom Policy Review Panel . The Panel’s mission is to assess, review, and report on the impact of psilocybin mushroom decriminalization as it pertains to the public safety, public administration, public health, and fiscal impacts in the City and County of Denver, and make recommendations to the Denver City Council.

Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

Not a Podcast – Not a Webinar – Not an Infomercial – It’s a Conversation!

Everyone has the option of being on screen and unmuted. 

We are hosting a Q&A with some of our members and the WCCC Executive Team.

A chamber of commerce is built on the principles of members doing business with other members to increase commerce. In the cannabis industry a chamber of commerce has to be more than B2B to serve our members’ business needs – It has to be B2C.  The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce is invested in our members’ success.

 The women in the WCS Q&A are from different states, different age groups and have been members between one month and two years. Each member’s perspective will be different.