Community Impact Strategies for Companies

Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

Community Impact can catapult your business to the next level!

Kind Philanthropy (KP)  provides professional tools and services to build social responsibility initiatives (SRI)s for your business, with special attention on the emerging Cannabis and Psychedelic sectors. Everyone wants to give back to their communities, but may not know how or have the time- especially because you are focused on running a business. Kind Philanthropy offers personalized consulting to help causes that you care about the most. A wide range of services are provided, all catered to your unique needs and tailored to your company’s values.

Community Impact Strategies for Companies

As a Social Entrepreneur, Samantha Sage founded Kind Philanthropy (KP) with the intention to combine her inherited knowledge of the Cannabis Industry and her vision of people & planet before profits. With a Master’s degree from the University of San Francisco in Nonprofit Leadership, Sage has over a decade of service to community-based organizations. Sage is Cannabis savvy because she was raised by a Medical Marijuana activist. As a child her mother taught her to respect Cannabis as an important healing herb, and hemp as an industrial miracle.  

In the early 1990s, leading up to the legalization of Medical Marijuana (MMJ), Sage’s family began organizing community outreach to educate the conservative counties in Central California to vote in favor of Proposition 215.  In the 25 years since her family has continued to work with MMJ Compassionate Care Programs that offer free and low-cost medicine to veterans, disabled people, and marginalized communities. Emerging from this legacy, Kind Philanthropy serves the Cannabis Industry and beyond to keep community giveback culture rejuvenating.



Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

The Community Impact Strategies for Companies Course teaches the strategies and tools to build and launch social responsibility initiatives. 


Course Schedule: 4:00 – 6:00 pm  PST Three Consecutive Wednesdays

Week One: WHEN is the Best Time to Start Planning Impact Strategies?  


Cannabis Compassion History   

The Basics on Community Impact Strategies

Values First

Community Building Activity

Week One Challenge

Week Two: WHY is Community Impact a Wise Business Strategy? 

Mary Jane Film Excerpt  

UN Sustainable Development Framework

Money and Other Boring Topics

Discuss the Week One Challenge

Week Two Challenge

Week Three: HOW Can My Company Invest in Community Impact to Thrive?

Who Is Doing it Right? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) highlights.

 “And YOU Get a CAR!” Impact Storytelling

Matching Your Values With Action!

Answering the *Burning* Questions

Community Impact Strategies

Online Course

Non-Members $2100.00

Course Dates 2023

Community Impact Strategies

Online Course

Executive Members $1575.00

Course Dates

Community Impact Strategies

Online Courses

Entrepreneur Members $1575.00

Course Dates 2023

Community Impact Strategies

Online Course

Start-up Members $1890.00

Course Dates 2023