Compliance & Audits

Compliance is often not taken seriously until a facility is inspected or investigated and the license is in jeopardy. Non-compliance can result in large fines and/or loss of licenses. There are well over 200 compliance points for each license type.

It is important to conduct external audits of compliance on at least a quarterly basis, along with full internal audits and internal spot checks for inventory and cash. There should also be full audits directly after new regulation has passed, before implementation is required.

This course covers how to stay in compliance and how to pass audits. Compliance and Audits will cover:

Common Cultivation Infractions:

    • Not reconciling all on-premises inventories at the close of business each day.
    • No documentation for material changes for standard operating procedures and regulated processes.
    • Lack of complete inventory of material safety data sheets where the product is used or stored.
    • Inadequate Chemical and Pesticide Application Log
    • The cultivation facility has not properly documented all waste and waste removal.

Common Dispensary Infractions:

    • Not immediately inputting all products into the state-mandated inventory tracking system and accounting for all variances
    • Tracking logs for visitors, security, and/or waste are not accurate or updated
    • Incomplete financial business documentation available as required by federal and state regulations
    • Missing or incomplete public health and safety warning statements on products sold
    • Inadequate and/or obstructed surveillance cameras

The course is available, in person, at the Women Cultivating Success THC Conference.

The course is part of the 9 hour “How to Open a Business” business course downloads.

Lessen the risks of opening company by starting with relevant, real-world instruction from successful entrepreneurs.     The business course downloads are developed and presented by owners of cannabis, cbd, and hemp companies, attorneys, compliance consultants, and marketing experts.

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Compliance and AuditsJennifer Germano is the founder and CEO of ICS Consulting Service, a compliance support focused consulting business. 

 ICS specializes in compliance-based services, such as third-party auditing for licensed facilities, employee compliance training, SOP development, facility build-outs, human resource and OSHA compliance, and assisting in opening new dispensaries

 In 2014 she helped convert a Medical Dispensary and Cultivation Facility, one of the seven licenses approved in the State of Colorado at the time for Recreational Cannabis, becoming a part of U.S. history.

ICS Consulting Service

Women Cultivating Success

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March 21 Denver

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Compliance and Audits

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April 03 Denver

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Members & Mentor ForumMembers & Mentors Forums provide continual support to everyone who downloaded the courses.  Mentoring from established experts is invaluable and provides immediate solutions. Business questions and concerns will be addressed within the forum by course instructors, other established business owners and cbd educators.

The business course does not cover business plans, corporate structure, or licensing.  Links to that information are available on the Business Resource Page.