Cultivation Management Certification for Growers

Cannabis Cultivation Management Certification / Grower to Manager to Director of Cultivation to Cannabis Consultant to Owner

Please note: This is a one day (8 hour) intense, no bullshit-no fluff course, limited to 14 attendees. The course is held once a month in Denver, Colorado. Scroll down for complete details.

Course Description:

The cannabis cultivation industry is highly competitive. There is a demand for quality managers with experience in cannabis cultivation.

Growers have learned to use new agricultural equipment and technology. But, growers are not corporately trained. This creates a disconnect between the growers and the company executives.

I will not be sugar coating the industry. You will find the same problems no matter where you go: executives that don’t understand farming cannabis, executives that listen more to sales people than their growers and executives looking to blame growers especially the director of cultivation (aka head coach) for everything that goes wrong in the cultivation facility.

Beginning as a cultivator in 2008 in Colorado and moving into management, then into national cannabis cultivation consulting, I’ve developed a program for growers to move into management. I will provide you with the knowledge to navigate the pitfalls of the industry.

You will learn the techniques of effective communication and negotiating with company executives, as well as, effective communication with your grow team. Learn what owners and general managers are looking for in a manager and how to refine and present your skills and expertise for the human resource interview. 

Management is more than being the liaison between crew and executives. Management involves hiring, training and firing, daily reports, production deadlines and meeting quality expectations. And, that is the beginning of a long list of the responsibilities of a cultivation manager. This course will prepare you for the daily demands of a cultivation manager, meeting the expectations of executives and the long term goals of the company.

Cannabis Cultivation Management Curriculum: 

No BS Cannabis Industry Presented by Drew Wilmeth

From Grower to Director of Cultivation

Objective:  Students will finish class being more prepared to face the challenges of becoming a director of cultivation (DoC).  Students will show competency by completing lectures, class discussion, a quiz, and suggested reading if they choose.

8 hours

From Grower to Director of Cultivation

Introduction to Drew

Before Legalization

Cultivation Facilities 

  1. Roles
  2. Problems
  3. Owners
  4. Growing
  5. Budgets

As a Career

  1. Why this path?
  2. Interviewing
  3. Moving to a new state
  4. Lean Manufacturing & Other Keys
  5. Problems


Production Mentality

  1. Irrigation
  2. Trimming
  3. Scheduling
  4. Software & Hardware     
  5. Relationships     
  6. Suppliers
  7. Owners
  8. Employees
  9. Retailers
  10. Customers


Future Predictions

Recap / Conclusion


Meet the Instructor:

Cultivation Management

Drew Wilmeth, New Growth Agricultural Consultants, has been involved and engaged in all aspects of the cannabis industry for over 20 years.  Working as an advocate for the legalization of cannabis in Colorado in the early years of legalization.  Following the general acceptance of cannabis in a growing number of states Drew moved into  consulting, assisting newly formed and established companies in setting up their production facilities  and developing management practices leading to increased production and cost efficiencies. His  experience in recognizing, diagnosing, and solving issues in the cannabis industry is well known and  respected.

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Women's Cannabis Chamber of CommerceCultivation ManagementWe are serious about YOUR SUCCESS!  The courses and workshops are intense, focused, and contain no fluff, no bullshit. 

The in person workshops and courses are limited to 14 attendees.

The workshops and courses begin promptly at 9:00 a.m.

Catered breaks and lunch are sponsored by the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.

The certification exam is online and taken after the workshop.  

Attendees have one week to complete and return the exam.

Certificate of certification will be mailed.

Workshops and courses are held in downtown Denver.

Instructors are available for three 30 minute consultation calls for 90 days following the workshop or course.

Refunds Policy: Full refunds are available up to four weeks prior to the workshop, thereafter 75% of course or workshop cost will be refunded. 

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