Effective Activism Workshop

Effective Activism Workshop Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

By her mid 20s, Bethany was diagnosed with approximately 30 medical conditions and faced a life of pain, prescription drugs and disability. She refused to accept this fate and began exploring alternate solutions, including cannabis. Bethany’s health and quality of life improved, but in Mississippi her use of cannabis for medical purposes made her a criminal. Bethany and her husband made the decision to move their family to the west coast to ensure she would have legal access to medical marijuana.

The profound improvement in her health without using prescription medications radically changed her life. Bethany became passionate about patients’ rights and the legalization of cannabis after returning home in 2018 with the passage of the Farm Bill. “No one should be forced to choose between their home and their health”. Since moving back to Mississippi, she has transitioned into a full time cannabis activist specializing in cannabis legislation, business practices/regulations, and  patients’ rights.

CEO- CannaHill Consulting

CEO- CannaHill.Life

CEO & Executive Producer- Mississippi Cannabis News Network

Executive Director- The Arena Organization

Co-Founder- Mississippi Cannabis Industry Expo Group

Ambassador of the National Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce


Effective Activism Workshop Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce


“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead, US anthropologist 




Effective Activism Workshop Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

The Effective Activism Online Workshop  is presented in a Live Virtual Classroom. To provide more of an in person classroom experience, we are limiting participants to 30 per course or workshop. The structure of each course and workshop facilitates the interaction between the participants and the educator. The curriculums are developed to deliver relevant and precise knowledge that will fast track participants’ career and business success.

  • Defining Activism
  • Building a Team
  • Utilizing Social Media Platforms
  • Developing Membership Drives
  • Networking at Events
  • Public Speaking Engagements & Opportunities
  • Organizing Networking Events & Rallies
  • Building Relationships with Legislators
  • Developing Relations with the Press
  • Professionalism
  • Know Your Topic
  • Understanding the Opposition
  • Preparation for Q & A
  • Strategy
  • Avoiding Burnout & Staying on Track

Activism involves bringing people with a common goal together to create change.  Creating change involves working effectively with people with opposing views and agenda. It is important to learn protocols and practices to effectively communicate, organize and influence to achieve positive results.

State legalization of cannabis is the result of activism that extended beyond marches and rallies. Activism is needed to secure Federal legalization and ensure equity, protection of patients’ rights, and expungement of former cannabis related conviction.

This workshop is recommended for anyone working for social, political, economic or environmental change.

Effective Activism Online Workshop is offered one Tuesday per month 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

Refund Policy: Full Refund if canceled within 15 days of course date.  80% Refund if canceled less than 15 days prior to the course. addison@womenscannabischamberofcommerce.com

Effective Activism Workshop

Members & Non Members


Workshop Dates 2023