Carla Boyd Founder and CEO Hemp Way Foods

Carla Boyd Hemp Way Foods

Carla Boyd started Hemp Way Foods in 2013 because of her own experiences with food intolerances, and not having realistic food options.

‘The reason I started it was because I was sick. I was so sick. I wasn’t absorbing any nutrition; I had what they call ‘leaky gut.’ And I was emaciated,” Boyd said. “I just started eating a lot of hemp shakes, but … I just got burned out on them, for one. … So I was like, I’m going to create a burger. And I just started working with it. And it took me about four to six months to really get the recipe right, but I just kept perfecting it, and friends were like, ‘This is really good! You need to form a company!’ “

Carla Boyd started researching Hemp and personally started to feel the the benefits of it. The first product released was the Hemp Burger. The hemp burger, a THC-free, non-GMO, soy-free, corn-free, gluten-free vegan-friendly patty that cooks up to a similar consistency as a hamburger. Hemp Way Foods has become famous for their incredible Hemp Burgers, Hemp Crumbles, and Hemp Nacho ‘Cheese’.

The Hemp Way Foods’ Burger has been described as “An explosion of nutrition and taste wrapped into one. A one of a kind hemp burger loaded with protein. Packed with lentils, quinoa, flax, and chia seeds; this burger is sure to please the burger lovers and health enthusiast alike!”

Carla grew her company by working tradeshows, presenting seminars, public speaking and donating her products and her time to charity events.

Carla has perfected a quality product line and her persistence and hard work has gotten her product into markets and restaurants.

Hemp Way Foods line of products are available at select Colorado Alfalfa’s Markets, Lucky’s, and Nooch Vegan Market. Hemp Way Foods’ Burgers are served in several restaurants and are available on the Hilton Denver City Center catering menu.

Carla Boyd was listed on 2018 The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine “100 People You Should Know”.

2015 Best Hemp Product/Facility
By: The Cannabis Business Award

2016 Best Colorado Hemp Food
By: Grow Hemp Colorado

2018 Best Colorado Hemp Food
By:  Grow Hemp Colorado

2019 Best USA Hemp Food
By:  Grow Hemp Colorado

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