Propane Jane Founder and CEO


In 2015, after relocating from Cleveland, Ohio, Propane Jane started her career in the regulated Colorado cannabis industry. Jane was the sole extractor and processor for a 600 plant count cultivation and MIP production facility in Colorado Springs, CO. Jane’s thirst for knowledge allowed her to gain experience quickly in the pioneering field of hydrocarbon extraction, specifically propane extraction. Jane earned the moniker “Propane Jane” after her promotion of propane extraction as a superior method was deemed controversial by traditional butane extractors. In 2017, she took on equipment consulting with Colorado company, Extractiontek Solutions.

Since entering the cannabis space, Jane has successfully consulted, designed, installed and processed for a multitude of facilities within Colorado, Oregon and California. In 2018, she started passion project, Red Tent Remedies. The female wellness line combines benefits of full-spectrum, hydrocarbon-extracted, responsibly-grown hemp with traditional herbal therapies. That same year, Jane founded WelCompliant, LLC, an education-centric, cannabinoid process solutions company that attracts businesses seeking services from process techniques to turn-key production. In 2019, she was a managing partner in a licensed commercial cannabis cultivation in Northern California.

Jane manages fruitful, mature relationships with leading international extraction equipment and ancillary product manufacturers such as Extractiontek, C1D1 Labs, Pinnacle Stainless and Carbon Chemistry.  In addition, she is surrounded by an impressive roundtable of expert consultants, processors, testing facilities and cultivators, who collectively exchange information, remaining innovative with the fast-moving demands of the cannabis industry.

Jane’s main focus for 2020 is education- learning and teaching. She is actively researching new processing techniques, as well as experimenting with various types of equipment. And, while Jane currently participates in public education at cannabis/hemp conventions nationwide, in March this year, she will join a group of female entrepreneurs to teach “The Ultimate Extraction Course” for “Cultivating Success” a national educational series by the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.