Entering the Emerging Psychedelic Market

Psychedelic drugs have the potential to transform mental health and addiction treatments. Initial research has shown positive results for individuals suffering from cluster headaches, depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, and alcoholism. It is predicted that legal psychedelics will be a multi-billion-dollar industry. Reference: Forbes

Please note: This is a one day (8 hour) intense, no bullshit-no fluff course, limited to 14 attendees. The course is held once a month in Denver, Colorado. Scroll down for complete details.

State of the Union On Psychedelics

This intensive, three-part workshop presents a 360-view of the psychedelic ecosystem and an opportunity to collaborate and interact with other leaders and professionals. You’ll dive deep into the history of psychedelic research and use, learn about today’s regulatory and therapeutic practices on the local, state, national and international stages, and get a glimpse into the future of tomorrow’s psychedelic landscape and the exciting business opportunities that are blossoming.  We are bringing community members, professionals, entrepreneurs, and visionaries together as the movement unfolds through inspiring, interactive workshops that provide you the opportunity to develop your foundation of knowledge and plan proactively for the future. 

Our Approach

Sheva brings six years of experience in every facet of cannabis industry business development, twenty years of deep therapeutic and personal experience with psychedelic healing, and has been integral to the decriminalization movement in Denver and beyond. She believes the work of developing the psychedelic industry the right way by focusing on equitable access and mental health is a crucial priority. This isn’t about psychedelics, this is about human rights. This is about liberating the human spirit, and it is our collective responsibility to get it right.

Session 1 – The Past

A Journey Through The History of Psychedelics

In this session we’ll explore traditional and indigenous use as well as 20th century research prior to prohibition. From the mid 1940s to the late 1960s academic psychedelic research was being conducted in Europe and the United States exploring the therapeutic use of psychedelics with thousands of published peer-reviewed studies, but it came to an abrupt end in 1967 when all research was halted due to criminalization and the Controlled Substances Act. We’ll cover:

  • What was discovered with psychedelic research before the era of prohibition?
  • Who were the main contributors who set the stage for today’s psychedelic research and therapeutic use landscape?
  • What was the catalyst for change and growth that brought about the Decriminalization movement? 

 Session 2 – The Present

Our Challenge: Mental Health and Social Equity

 The movement to decriminalize psilocybin catalyzed a new psychedelic awareness that created a brand new ecosystem filled with incredible potential. This ecosystem and the industry forming inside of it is uniquely suited to address some of the most challenging and pervasive issues in our culture. As leaders and innovators, we get to design an inclusive and equitable industry centered on addressing our society’s vast mental health crisis.

  • How is the psychedelic industry positioned to serve these challenges?
  • What steps are currently being taken to address these major struggles?
  • Who are the main players in the current psychedelic landscape? What are their interests and what do they contribute to the industry?

Session 3 – The Future, and You

Empowering Through Community Engagement

As leaders and innovators we have an opportunity, and an ethical responsibility, to curate an industry that is centered on social equity and mental health as guiding principles for our work.  The collective power of our professional efforts and business acumen can influence regulations, and if aligned, we can prevent repeating some of the same regulatory ignorance that has occurred in the cannabis industry.

During this session, we will facilitate workshops, brainstorming, collaboration, and harness our power to design the psychedelic industry to reflect and amplify our holistic and community-focused goals. 

Let’s use our cannabis experience and create a new story!  These questions will guide our work together:

  • What drives your interest in the psychedelic industry?
  • What is your vision in psychedelics?  How do you want your professional and personal experience to translate into this vision?
  • What are your unknowns? Preconceptions?
  • How do we define success in this industry?
  • How do we, as professionals and industry leaders, solve the present day challenges
  • How do we use lessons learned in the cannabis industry to create an industry centered on mental health and equitable access?

 “Using psilocybin, or psychedelics, is a human rights issue, and all people deserve to determine their own destiny with them.” – Kevin Matthews

PsychedelicSheva Pekar is the founder, CEO and visionary of PsyCann Advisors, a consulting firm that focuses on the licensing and compliance and regulations of the cannabis and psychedelic industries.

PsyCann Advisors is dedicated to entrepreneurs in growing and visionary industries.

Sheva has 6 years of strategic experience in the cannabis industry with state-licensed facilities in all facets of their business and 3 years of behind the scene psychedelic industry work that exploded from Denver Colorado. She has a versatile and service-minded approach advocating for her clients.

Her experience includes business development, project management, inventory management, SOP development, business plan development, wholesale, client advocacy, metrc and compliance support and licensing and application help.

Her approach to cannabis and psychedelic industries is rooted in an infinite-minded leadership model of trust and confidence gained from clients and colleagues.

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We are serious about YOUR SUCCESS!  The courses and workshops are intense, focused, and contain no fluff, no bullshit. 

The in person workshops  and courses are limited to 14 attendees.

The workshops courses begin promptly at 9:00 a.m.

Catered breaks and lunch are provided are sponsored by the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.

The certification exam is online and taken after the workshop.

Attendees have one week to complete and return the exam.

Certificate of certification will be mailed.

Workshops are held in downtown Denver.

Instructors are available for three 30 minute consultation calls for 90 days following the workshop.

Refunds Policy: Full refunds are available up to four weeks prior to the workshop, thereafter 75% of course or workshop cost will be refunded. 

Submit request for a refund to addison@womenscannabischamberofcommerce.com