Extraction & Processing

ExtractionExtraction has been used as a general term for cannabis/hemp processing. Processing is more than just extraction. It involves cultivation, analytics, extractions and biochemistry.

Your processing facility is subject to licensing, health and safety standards, regulations, and inspections. The facility will have to be built or redesigned for maximum productivity.

There are numerous decisions to be made regarding type of extraction process; Hydrocarbon, ethanol, solventless, or super critical fluid options before deciding on equipment and technology to be used.

The business course covers every detail and solution. The course is taught by instructors experienced in opening and running a processing facilities.  Their expertise will eliminate the “learning curve” enabling you to open sooner. Their “real world knowledge” will help you avoid costly mis-steps that can sabotage your business’s success.

The six hour course download includes compliance, taught by Jenny Germano, founder of ICS Consulting Services & Compliance Experts. 

Attorney, Preston Gardner, covers the types of and understanding the contents of business contracts relevant to processing and extraction.

Instructors’ Profiles’ & Company Links

Members & Mentor ForumMembers & Mentors Extraction – Processing Forum provides continual support to everyone who downloaded the courses.  Mentoring from established experts is invaluable and provides immediate solutions. Business questions and concerns will be addressed within the forum by course instructors.

The online extraction and processing forum gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect with other startups for both support and resources.

The  business course does not cover business plans, corporate structure, or licensing.  Links to that information are available on the Business Resource Page.

Course download available October 01, 2019. Audience tickets for the filming of the Processing and Extraction Course will be available for purchase on September 01, 2019. 30 tickets are available and include a one year membership in the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.

Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce members receive $425 off one business course per year. Please refer to the membership page for a list membership benefits.