The Ultimate Extraction Series: Education, Technology and Business  Taught By: Propane Jane

ExtractionsExtraction Science & Methodology Taught 

Description: A comprehensive review of extraction science, methodology and strategy for a successful concentrate company. Taught by Propane Jane and Hope Marian, MBA

Availability:  25- 30 students

Two Part Series:  Extraction Science & Methodology: The Business of Extraction

Cost: $2,000 Master Course

Extraction Science & Methodology Taught By: Propane Jane

  • Extraction 101
  • Chemistry of Processes: Separation, Solubility, Solvents
  • Equipment & Ancillary Selection
  • Extraction Compliance
  • Lab Practices
  • Methodologies: 
  • Hydrocarbon Extraction
  • Solventless 
  • CO2 / Supercritical 
  • Ethanol 
  • Rosin 
  • Distillation & Isolation
  • Chromatography
  • Formulations
  • Post Processing
  • Waste Management


ExtractionsJane is the founder of WelCompliant, an education-centric, cannabinoid processing solutions company. Based in Colorado, she entered the cultivation and extraction space during the height of the recreational movement in 2015. Jane earned the moniker “Propane Jane”after her promotion of propane extraction as a superior method was deemed controversial by traditional butane extractors. With a passion for extracts and safety, Jane has trained clients for certification on equipment use, methods and best practices in Colorado, Oregon and California.  Combining her experience in commercial cultivation with various methods of extraction, Jane’s current focus is on cannabis/hemp education and advocacy with the mantra: “Grown with Love, Hashed with Pane”. Additionally, she is actively researching new processing methods and equipment to remain adaptive, offering a wider range of experience for clients. Jane recently joined the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce for their series, “Cultivating Success”, where she will teach a dedicated class on extractions. She is in the process of opening a licensed manufacturing lab on the east coast. 

Education is an investment in your success. The Women Cannabis Chamber of Commerce strives to make cost effective to all entrepreneurs. Payment plans are available. 

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