Fayetteville Arkansas


Fayetteville Arkansas Women Cultivating Networking Evenings

Hosted by Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

Ambassador, Wendy Love Edge

6:00 – 8:00 the last Wednesday of each month.

Wood Stone Craft Pizza & Bar

557 South School Avenue

Wood Stone Pizza & Bar

Networking is not collecting connections. Networking is about planting relationships

Women Cultivating Success Networking

Wednesday, August 25  6:30 – 8:00


Includes pizza slice & non-alcoholic drink

Wendy Love Edge is the host of Women Cultivating Success Networking evenings and a Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce ambassador. She is a disabled survivor of US Healthcare, an author, artist, talk show host and cannabis activist.  She is from Boston originally, and has now made Fayetteville Arkansas her home.

Ms. Love Edge is known for being the founder of Bulldozer Health Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization and health care reform initiative.  This organization educated thousands of people about health, wellness and cannabis through many media platforms, events and public speaking.

Ms. Love Edge was selected to be an artist member of The Cannabis Art Guild worldwide at cannabis events and exhibits starting in 2019. 

“The Wendy Love Edge Show” is where music, art, plant medicine, health and wellness meet. In season 5, Ms Love Edge added women’s empowerment to the platform. The show naturally creates community by showing the connection between these things. It is created and written by Wendy Love Edge and produced by her wife’s company, A. Edge Productions. It airs in 3 states on several radio stations, on TV, on video formats like cannatube24 and YouTube, and on all major podcasting formats.

Nominations and Awards:

The Black Apple Awards 2018 Nomination Best TV Show: The Green Zone TV

The Black Apple Awards 2019 Nomination Best Radio And TV Show: The Wendy Love Edge Show with Topher Kogen

The Cannabis Awards 2021 Nomination Best Radio Show and Podcast

The Cannabis Awards 2021 Patient Choice Award Recipient, Wendy Love Edge

Wednesday, July 28th features two women who have focused on medical marijuana patients’ health and well being.  Ziva Criswell and Melissa Cornwell will be speaking on A return to Our Roots- Food IS Medicine. They will be answering your questions and opening a discussion of today’s widespread health crises of inflammatory- based conditions and how we can reverse it through diet & lifestyle changes, cannabis, herbs,  nutraceuticals and education.

Fayetteville Arkansas NetworkingZiva Criswell is a Cannabis Health & Wellness Coach. She has been trained in the medicinal, emotional, and physical benefits of cannabis, which includes medical marijuana and hemp (CBD) products.

A Cannabis Coach is trained to empower you to reach the goals you set for yourself and your life in 30, 60 or 90 days. As a certified Cannabis Coach, I do more than educate and empower you, I also hold your vision for wellness and provide support, accountability and concrete action steps that break your big outcomes into healthy habits that are not only sustainable, but result in long lasting change. I help women who are dealing with stress, anxiety, hormonal challenges, and chronic conditions learn about using cannabis and other wellness practices to find relief and live their best lives.  Ziva Criswell, LeafLove Wellness

 Zivah Criswell has been a lifelong seeker on a journey back home to herself. She has made the study of self love her life purpose, learning to love herself to wholeness and empowering women to love themselves while being guided on their own path to healing.

​Zivah began with a psychology degree, and then spent the next two decades pursuing a variety of studies including counseling certifications, hypnotherapy, dance based movement practices, organic foods & natural health supplements, and most recently, a Cannabis Coach certification. Zivah is on a mission to help women find the answers to their most pressing questions about health, happiness, and love through movement, nutritional supplements, cannabis education and community.

Fayetteville ArkansasMelissa Cornwell is the founder of DarkHorse Delta Enterprises and creator of the cannabis education system called The Cannabis Calculators.  The family-owned company was formed to help spread factual, patient-centric cannabis education.  The educational devices help guide patients into making more health appropriate and economical cannabis choices, thereby helping to stop the confusion, expense, and amount of time spent on learning to use cannabis medication.  

Melissa is a medically retired, experienced nurse whose passion for helping and educating others continues in a different fashion.  Her credentials include a holistic cannabis consultant certification received under dual training with the Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC) Medical Training Clinical Curriculum and the Healer Program with cannabis expert and SCC member, Dr. Dustin Sulak.