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Why Women Are Choosing Careers In The Cannabis Industry

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cannabis classesAs the marijuana market continues to grow, earning an estimated $3.4 billion in 2015 alone, women aren’t taking a backseat to the action. Leaving financially-secure corporate careers to become pioneers of the cannabis industry might seem reckless to some. However, with a rise in opportunities for new businesses, women are hitting the ground running and staking their claim on a piece of the already male-dominate, multi-billion dollar medical and recreational cannabis market.

Marijuana restrictions and regulations can be tricky to understand, making the market even harder to break into. With the help of some innovative organizations, women are being given the tools to help take control of the fastest growing stream of revenue in states with legalization laws. Beyond opening dispensaries and cultivation facilities, women are empowering other women in the ways of marijuana trade by ensuring a working knowledge of the rules, helping to create a female-dominate cannabis market.  Herb, Formerly The Stoner’s Cookbook


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