How to Open A CBD Infused Product Company

By 2022, the hemp-only CBD market has been projected to grow to $646 million before taking the Farm Bill’s enactment into account. Now, it will accelerate to $1.3B by 2022. New Frontier Data 

Grocery giant Kroger recently revealed plans to sell CBD products in 945 stores throughout seventeen states, and many of those products will come from Colorado.

Entrepreneurs have the option of attending the course at a Women Cultivating Success CBD-Hemp Conference.

Women Cultivating Success CBD-Hemp Conference 2020

Denver February 29

Houston April 18

Chicago June 27

Denver September 26

Each 3.5 hour course is individually priced. Attendees can design their own curriculum.

How to Open a CBD Product Company is also available on March 14 in Denver.

How to Open a CBD Product Company 9 hour download includes:

  • Product Development
  • Vertical Integration
  • Private Labeling
  • Setting up Manufacturing Facility
  • Procurement of raw materials
  • Inventory
  • Wholesale
  • Shipping – Delivery
  • Creating customer loyalty
  • Packaging
  • Sales
  • Pitfalls, Solutions, Success
  • Writing SOP’s
  • Setting up HR
  • OSHA
  • Marketing Products & Company 
  • Designing Pitch Decks
  • Understanding Business Contracts
  • Intellectual Property

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Larisa Bolviar Founder & CEO Bolivar Hemp CompanyLarisa Bolivar, founder and CEO of Bolivar Hemp Company, is the instructor for this course. She has over 18 years of experience in the cannabis industry including owning and operating a medical dispensary.

She has been instrumental in winning licenses for clients in competitive states. She has written standard operating procedures and other company operating documents across multiple highly regulated markets, assisted companies in becoming more efficient and profitable, has successfully helped business get organized and prepared for mergers and acquisitions and further provides organizational development support.

Larisa Bolivar is Executive Director and Chairwoman of the Cannabis Consumers Coalition and is on the Board of Directors of Colorado NORML and Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.

Larisa Bolivar was named one of the 2019 “Top 100 People You Should Know”by Hemp Connoisseur Magazine.

How to Open a CBD Product Company

February 29 Denver

3.5 Hours


How to Open a CBD Product Company

March 14 Denver

3.5 Hours


How to Open a CBD Product Company

Complete Business Course

Download 9 Hours


Available Soon

CBD Infused Product lines can be created through vertical integration or by contracting with a company that offers white labeling.

Vertical Integration is the combining of hemp cultivation with hemp processing, product formulation, packaging, branding, and distribution under a single ownership. Vertical Integration is the “in house” consolidation of all aspects of cbd production from the field to the shelf.

CBD Infused ProductsWhite Labeling is the practice of purchasing an existing product from the producer and branding and selling the cbd infused product under your company’s name. Several companies offering white labeling options include formulation and development for customization of your cbd infused product.

Private Labeling is licensing your product to another company to sell under its own name and brand, rather than under yours. Private Labeling is a viable option for vertical integration companies.


CBD MentorsMembers & Mentors CBD Forum provides continual support to everyone who downloaded the courses.  Mentoring from established experts is invaluable and provides immediate solutions. Business questions and concerns will be addressed within the forum by course instructors, other established business owners and cbd educators.

The online cbd forum gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect with other startups for both support and resources.

How to Open a CBD Infused Product Company business course does not cover business plans, corporate structure, or licensing.  Links to that information are available on the Business Resource Page.