How to Open A CBD Product Company

CBD Infused ProductsCBD infused products can be created through vertical integration or by contracting with a company that offers white labeling.

Vertical Integration is the combining of hemp cultivation with hemp processing, product formulation, packaging, branding, and distribution under a single ownership. Vertical Integration is the “in house” consolidation of all aspects of cbd production from the field to the shelf.

White Labeling is the practice of purchasing an existing product from the producer and branding and selling the product under your company’s name. Several companies offering white labeling options include formulation and development for customization of your cbd products.

Private Labeling is licensing your product to another company to sell under its own name and brand, rather than under yours. Private Labeling is a viable option for vertical integration companies.

Both courses are presented by Larisa Bolivar the owner and founder of Bolivar Hemp Company, Jennifer Germano, founder of ICS Consulting, and Amber Wick, Let’s Grow Hemp.

Bolivar Hemp CompanyBolivar Hemp Company was years in the making, starting with a dream, and then bringing that dream to a reality in December 2018. The company launched with 9 products and two lines.  

Larisa Bolivar,  has over 18 years of experience in the cannabis industry including owning and operating a medical dispensary.

Larisa is listed on Hemp Connoisseur Magazine’s 2019 “Top 100 People You Should Know.”  

ICS Consulting specializes in compliance-based services, such as third-party auditing for licensed facilities, employee compliance training, SOP development, facility build-outs, human resource and OSHA compliance.

Jennifer Gernamo operated multiple licensed facilities in Colorado and currently has been a consultant since 2015.  Jennifer is skilled in creating operations structure, developing accountability and leadership skills in employees.

Jennifer is listed on Hemp Connoisseur Magazine’s 2019 “Top 100 People You Should Know.”  

Amber Wick has worked in the cannabis industry since 2014. Amber has worked nationally and internationally with hemp and cannabis farmers. Her range of expertise encompasses seeds, clones, cultivation, processing, extraction, testing, marketing and sales. Amber is an advocate and active in Southern Colorado cannabis and hemp politics.

The online download also covers the most common contracts you will need presented by Preston Gardner, win-win negotiating presented by Addison Morris, Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, how to market cbd products and companies 101. Downloads Available September 14.

30 audience tickets available for the August 23 filming of the CBD courses. Audience tickets include one year membership in the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce. Membership benefits includes $450 off one course download. See membership page for all benefits.

How to Open a CBD Infused Product Through Vertical Integration  6 Hours $1795.00 Includes Membership 

How to Open a CBD Infused Product Line through White Labeling  6 Hours $1795.00 Includes Membership

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MentorsMembers & Mentors CBD Forum provides continual support to everyone who downloaded the courses.  Mentoring from established experts is invaluable and provides immediate solutions. Business questions and concerns will be addressed within the forum by course instructors.

The online cbd forum gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect with other startups for both support and resources.

How to Open a CBD Infused Product Company business course does not cover business plans, corporate structure, or licensing.  Links to that information are available on the Business Resource Page.

New Frontier Data estimates mass-market CBD alone to grow to $430 million in sales by 2022.


Audience Tickets

Audience Tickets


Audience Tickets for Opening a CBD Product Line Company through vertical integration.

August 23 8:00 – 12:00  Denver

Audience Tickets

Audience Tickets


Audience Tickets for Opening a CBD Product Line Company through White Labeling

August 23 1:00 – 5:00  Denver