Infused Product Formulation Certification Course

Infused Skincare Product Formulation Certification Course is developed and presented by Bianca Prachyl, the founder and CEO of Bliss Molecules.

Bliss Molecules was founded in 2018 by Bianca Prachyl, who harnessed inspiration from a public health background, by utilizing natural ingredients to create beauty and wellness products. Bliss Molecules traditionally has created natural skin care lines and total human wellness lines featuring CBD and other plant-based components, and is now positioned to be an incubator in the CBD space to help others do the same. Developing and offering the Infused Skincare Product Formulation Certification is one of the cornerstones of Bianca Prachyl’s business incubator program.

“Bliss Molecules is excited for the future that is changing every day, thanks to the explosion of public acceptance of CBD and hemp-based products to treat the total holistic wellness of an individual, and no longer masking problems as our traditional systems have been known to do.  Bliss Molecules is looking to grow, create, incubate, and develop passionate individuals and corporations who take what they put into their bodies seriously, and understand that what we put into the world is just as important as what we take from it. 

“In this new world where CBD and hemp are embraced and utilized by citizens around our earth, Bliss Molecules is positioned to bring the finest quality ingredients, CBD, and hemp products to market. In addition to bringing our own beautiful products of the highest caliber, Bliss Molecules will locate people and businesses to incubate their products for market as well, in an effort to fulfill and complete the blossoming world of global CBD and hemp products.” Briana Prachyl

Infused Skincare ProductOnce upon a time I was just a little black girl in Newport Beach, whose mother was in jail for cannabis. That motivated me to want to make a difference and save the world. I started making and doing things differently. That led me to studying all I could about different types of people so when I heard their story I could listen with a whole understanding heart. My curiosity and desire to understand  led me to study different modalities of health allowing me to advocate for the alternative.

One day, everything I had learned, longed, loved and lived for came together at a point where I solved a neurological health concern for my child on my own; I found my purpose. With that purpose my goal is to drive what I love – cosmeceuticals and cannabis – through my platform of advocacy empowering women of color to achieve their goals in the cannabis space be they licensed or ancillary. I empower, encourage, educate and equip. That’s it. I just keep showing up, building vertically, linking arms, living life abundantly and loving without reservation.

Bianca Prachyl, MPH Always and In All Ways


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Infused Skincare Product Formulation

Cosmetic Formulating with Cannabidiol Basics

Cannabidiol in the cosmetic space has the potential to not only transform the skincare industry, this disruptor in the industry  – if done correctly – is a seamless way to give your target market a plant based medicinal product incorporated with proven effective cosmeceuticals to promote anti inflammatory, antioxidant and anti proliferative properties.

The Infused Skincare Product Formulation Certification Course is the 3rd Sunday of the month, 10:00 am – 5:30 pm.

In this course you will learn:

  • Introduction to cannabidiol and it’s benefits as a topical product
  • Introduction to basic skin care ingredients
  • Difference between hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties
  • Comedogenic Factors of popular skin oils
  • How to research cosmeceutical ingredients
  • How to operate a formulation calculator (easy math)
  • How to understand skincare formulation preservatives
  • How to select the right cosmeceuticals, cbd medium and preservatives for your skincare formulations
  • How to read a COA (certificate of authenticity) for raw and finished products (easy math)
  • How to make your skincare formulations and products safe

By the end of the Infused Skincare Formulation Certification Course you will understand infused skincare formulation basics and be able to select a variable of cannabidiol, process, cosmeceuticals and preservative that works for your skincare formulations with confidence. You will have a solid understanding of how cannabidiol, hydrophobic vs hydrophilic bases, and preservatives work, the importance of and how to manipulate a formulation calculator and why they are a very important part of skincare formulation. You will leave knowing how to read and understand a COA for raw ingredients, why they are also needed for your finished product and how you can translate that to your customer base.

Infused Skincare Formulation


Nonmembers $2100.00

Course Dates 2023

Infused Skincare Formulation 


Executive Members $1575.00

Course Dates 2023

Infused Skincare Formulation 


Entrepreneur Members $1575.00

Course Dates 2023

Infused Skincare Formulation 


Start-up Members $1890.00

Course Dates 2023

  • Have you always wanted to make CBD skincare formulations?
  • Are you interested in learning the foundation skills and techniques of making plant medicine incorporated skincare safely by using cannabidiol and perhaps cosmeceuticals to enhance your products?
  • Do you want to know how to select the right medium of cannabidiol, base, cosmeceuticals and preservatives for your skin care formulations?


This course was designed for:

  • Skin care formulators who have little to no experience formulating skin care products.
  • Skincare formulators who are thinking about launching a product or already have a product on the market.
  • Estheticians who are considering creating a brand.



  • Passion for quality skincare products.
  • Interest in incorporating cannabidiol into skincare products.
  • Interest in the restorative properties of cannabidiol products.



Infused Skincare Product Formulation Certification is a Live Virtual Classroom. To provide more of an in person classroom experience, we are limiting participants to 20 per course. The structure of the course facilitates the interaction between the participants and the educator. The curriculum is developed to deliver relevant and precise knowledge that will fast track participants’ careers and business success.

The Infused Skin Care Product Formulation Certification Course is designed to produce quality formulators creating quality products. Bianca Prachyl’s experience and success in the competitive infused skincare marketplace will help you avoid costly mistakes and delays. 

Infused Skincare Product Formulation Certification is an intense one day course, 10:00 – 5:30, followed by questions and answers. There is a break from 1:30 – 2:00. There is a short quiz to ensure you understand the course material, and to give the educator the opportunity to clarify any misinformation.

Available Course Dates: January 16, February 20,  March 20, April 17   $2100

Refund Policy: Full Refund if canceled within 15 days of course date. 80% Refund if cancelled less than 15 days prior to course.