Networking Brunches

Women's Cannabis Chamber of CommerceNetworking Brunches will resume when appropriate. 

“Networking is an investment in your business. It takes time and when done correctly can yield great results for years to come.” Diane Helbig

Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce Networking Brunch speakers provide business information specific to cannabis, cbd, and hemp entrepreneurs. Each brunch focuses on one area of the industries.

The monthly Saturday brunches are structured to allow 30 minutes of networking prior to the speakers. 

We schedule an hour for two to three speakers and another hour plus for networking.

Brunch is set up with tables of eight to engage guests in conversations and to connect entrepreneurs and build lasting business relationships and resources. 

Bring you business questions and a minimum of 50 business cards for the “Business in a Bag” bag. Business in a Bag enables all guests to take home a business card from each attendee.

Women's Cannabis Chamber of CommerceWe are looking for women in all cities and states to organize and facilitate monthly brunches in accordance with the format developed by the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.

Estimated time 4 – 6 hours a month. This is a paid position based upon the project not on an hourly wage. Ambassadors also receive a two year membership.

Using the same venue for every brunch cuts down on the amount of time required each month. Brunches are scheduled for a period of two hours. Allow another hour for everyone to exit the venue.

Ambassador responsibilities are:

  • Secure a venue. Restaurants or small event venues with catering are the most desirable.
  • Select monthly guest speakers.
  • Send all information to Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce for posting on Mentoring Brunch “Your City” fanpage and Facebook Event, Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce website and social media including Instagram and Women Cultivating Success social media accounts.
  • Ambassadors are responsible die posting brunch pics to their Instagram and Facebook.
  • Ambassadors are required to video short interviews with CEO Mentors and guests for posting on social media and Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce YouTube channel.

Ambassadors for the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce qualifications:

  • six to eight hours a Month to devote to organizing and facilitating monthly brunches.
  • Working in or launching a business or career in the cannabis, cbd, or hemp marketplace.
  • OR an advocate or activists in cannabis, cbd, or hemp issues.
  • OR in cannabis, cbd, or hemp media
  • OR in an ancillary business related to the canna-centic industry
  • Organizational skills
  • People person
  • Integrity of word and action.
  • NO MLMs. NO affiliate lenders. NO credit card processing affiliates.  This is NOT a platform designed to promote your agenda. NO infomercials.

If you are interested please fill out the form or email or