Preparing for Investors, Partnerships & Mergers

Preparing for Investors, Partnerships and Mergers Business Course lays out the process and strategy for successfully bringing in investors and partners. 

This course covers:

How to establish a viable business model to present to investor groups, private equity, and venture capital funds. 

Understanding the perspective of cannabis investors and how they view the industry from a macro, and micro perspective. 

Structuring an acquisition or merger, as well as integrated and multinational supply channels.

This course is available at the:

Women Cultivating Success THC Conferences.

Women Cultivating Success CBD-Hemp Conference 2020

Denver February 29

Houston April 18

Chicago June 27

Denver September 26

Each 3.5 hour course is individually priced. Attendees can design their own curriculum.

The course is part of the 9 hour “How to Open a Business” business course downloads.

Lessen the risks of opening company by starting with relevant, real-world instruction from successful entrepreneurs. The business course downloads are developed and presented by owners of cannabis, cbd, and hemp companies, attorneys, compliance consultants, and marketing experts.

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Preston GardnerPreston received his Bachelor of Science from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, his MBA from Wake Forest University, a Juris Doctor from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, a Masters in Finance from Boston College, and he was sponsored to complete a graduate program through the London School of Economics and training through Harvard’s Program on Negotiation. 

He provides public speaking services at educational symposiums relating to the “Cannabis Economics” series he developed, the latest installment of which is “Cannabis Economics 104: The Time Value of Cannabinoids.” He has been selected to speak at events and for organizations such as the CannaGrow Expo, the Industrial Hemp Association, the Industrial Hemp Summit, the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research, and Marijuana Business Daily / MJBizCon Int’l. Preston is an instructor for the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, and advisor to the Texas Hemp Harvesters Association.

Women Cultivating Success

CBD-Hemp Conference

February 29 Denver

3.5 Hours


Women Cultivating Success

THC Conference

March 21 Denver

3.5 Hours


Without investors or substantial working capital most businesses will fail in the early stages of development.  Working capital is crucial. It enables a business to move from the planning stages into a striving a company. Money is needed to hire key staff, purchase or manufacture inventory,  website design and management, and for marketing. 

Investors offer more than just financial backing. They come with expertise that can make your business more successful.

Do not confuse: “My business can be successful” for “My business is investable.” 

CBD MentorsMembers & Mentors CBD Forum provides continual support to everyone who downloaded the courses.  Mentoring from established experts is invaluable and provides immediate solutions. Business questions and concerns will be addressed within the forum by course instructors, other established business owners and cbd educators.

Preparing for Investors, Partnerships, and Mergers business course does not cover business plans, corporate structure, or licensing.  Links to that information are available on the Business Resource Page.