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Secure your Success in the Cannabis Industry with certification in:

Dispensary management

Cultivation management for Growers

Nonprofit management.

Secure your Success in all aspects of the cannabis industry with the:

Cannabis Sommelier Workshop 

Secure Your Future by:

Preparing to Enter the Emerging Psychedelic Market.

We are serious about YOUR SUCCESS!  The courses and workshops are intense, focused, and contain no fluff, no bullshit. 

Research has proven classes of fewer than 20 attendees increase individual attention, increased participation and better communication between the instructors  and the students.

The in person workshops are limited to 14 attendees.

The workshops begin promptly at 9:00 a.m.

Catered breaks and lunch are sponsored by the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.

The certification exam is online and taken after the workshop. Attendees have one week to complete and return the exam.

Certificate of certification will be mailed.

Instructors are available for three 30 minute consultation calls for three months following the workshop.

All workshops and courses are held in downtown Denver providing attendees with easy access from DIA, hotel options, a variety of dispensaries within blocks of the workshops’ location, dining and entertainment options.

Refunds Policy: Full refunds are available up to four weeks prior to the workshop. Submit request for a refund to

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Cultivation Management

Dispensary Management

Nonprofit Management


Sommelier Workshop

Sommelier Workshop