The Business of Hemp

Business of Hemp

The Business of Hemp: Beyond Cultivation covers licensing, regulations, proper machinery, employee training and management, quality control, testing, record keeping, processing, sales and transportation.

Hemp cultivation success depends on genetics, seeds or clones, soil and weather condition. Success also depends on the sale and processing of the harvest.

Beyond Cultivation is taught by established hemp farmers with years of experience and real world knowledge.

The Women Cultivating Success CBD-Hemp Business Conference focus is on business education and many valuable connections could be missed. So, we encourage attendees to bring a minimum of 100 business cards for the Chamber’s “Business in a Bag”. We will have a table of small bags set up. Attendee may drop a business card in each bag. During the courses’ break each person picks up a bag of business cards.

Course size is limited to 30. We believe this facilitates a better connection between the information being presented, the instructor and the attendee.

Hemp Cultivation: Beyond the Grow is taught by established hemp farmers with years of agricultural experience.

Their expertise will eliminate the “learning curve” enabling you to open sooner. Their “real world knowledge” will help you avoid costly mis-steps that can sabotage your business’s success.

You are serious about your business. We are serious about delivering the gold standard of cannabis, cbd, and hemp business education.

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Module IV The Business of Hemp: Beyond Cultivation 

9:00 – 1:00 February 29 Denver