Women Cultivating Success Directory Criteria & Guidelines

Women's Cannabis Chamber of CommerceWomen Cultivating Success Directory will launch June 2020. 

The cannabis, cbd, and hemp industries have not been as adversely affected as other industries. But, the markets for products and services have abruptly declined. 

The Women Cultivating Success Directory is more than pages of business names and links on a website. The Women Cultivating Success Directory is composed of 3 minute videos created by business owners sharing a piece of business advice or inspiration, as well as, their business information.

There is no charge for Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce members, it is part of the membership benefits.  Members have the option of creating a new video monthly. Members’ videos are shared on the Women Cultivating Success fanpage daily.

We believe it is vital to keep ALL cannabis, cbd and hemp companies open and profiting during this difficult time. 

What we can do as a “chamber of commerce” is to give non-members the opportunity to post 3 minute videos in the Women Cultivating Success Directory. 

Non-members will be billed a one time charge of $30 to cover costs. The video will run until December 31, 2020. 

It is vital for businesses to widen their brand exposure at a time when revenues are threatened.

2020 has become the year of coming together to support one another. 

Submit your video Now! Send your 3 minute video link to: addison@womenscannabischamberofcommerce.com

Criteria for Video and Our Marketing Strategy.

Companies are more than a website or bricks and mortar. 

Companies are one person’s dream becoming a reality through extensive planning, teamwork, hard work, sacrifice, and financial investment. We are profiling YOU as much as we are profiling your company. We are creating a personal connection between you and potential customers and clients. 

In your video include your logo and brand colors, shop space, products, or signage that represents your brand and company. 

Please send your logo and website link with your video. 

Submit your video Now! Send your 3 minute video link to: addison@womenscannabischamberofcommerce.com

Women Cultivating Success Directory

Without marketing a business directory is just another page on a website.

The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce is utilizing all our social media platforms and marketing resources to promote the Women Cultivating Success Directory and the women who are cultivating success. 

Our existing market is women.

Women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing decisions.

85% of women say that if they like a brand, they will remain loyal to it.

Women are 50% more likely than men to regularly watch online how-to videos.  Forbes

We are the WOMEN’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, currently 100% of our membership is female. 

75% of our social media fans and followers are women between 25 and 54 years old. The largest segment is between 35 and 44 years old.

88% are from the United States, followed by Canada, and then Mexico.

Approximately 40% of our fans and followers are from Colorado, Texas, New York, Nevada and California. The other 60% are evenly divided among the states, Canada and Mexico. We currently do not have followers from Hawaii or Nebraska.

Submit your video Now! Send your 3 minute video link to: addison@womenscannabischamberofcommerce.com