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Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce creation and evolution Part II

Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

I was the first person in line for the Cannabis Cup. There was an energy and smoke in the air. The entrance was surrounded by press, but they didn’t want to talk to me. The press was seeking out the most outlandish clad, pierced and tattooed people in line.

I overheard a couple of the interviews. The lead in question was “Why are you here?”. The answers surprised me. “I’m here to learn more about growing…new products…new strains…attend a seminar.” Not the answers the press wanted. They persisted, “Are you here to get high and party?” That question and answers made the nightly news.

Women's Cannabis Chamber of CommerceThe atmosphere was a cross between a tradeshow and a rock festival. I talked to each vendor. Although many were not seasoned business people, they were serious about the future of their companies. Their concerns were regulations, marketing and growth.

I sat in the back row for the symposiums and speakers. My heart rate quickened, I became aware of my breathing, it was as if I had discovered a life changing secret. It was the realization that cannabis as a business was going to be huge, that cannabis could heal, that cannabis could change the world in positive ways. And, most of all the emerging cannabis market was an opportunity for women to become company owners and CEOs.

Like the gold rush, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was happening in my lifetime. I would be stupid not to seize this opportunity. I had no idea what my involvement or business would be.

During the drive back up the mountain, I argued with myself. How could I make a such a radical decision based on four days of research? My life was good, why get involved with a Federally illegal substance. This could go terribly wrong. Maybe I’m just high. It’s been years since I’ve smoked and there was a lot of marijuana in the air. I’ll get a good night’s sleep and everything will back to normal.

I woke up refreshed and focused.  I needed to do more research.

I didn’t realize that the only normal in my life was going to be NORML.

Three weeks later I was at the NORML Conference in Denver.

Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce is focused on all aspects of business. Our instructors have founded and developed businesses.

The Women’s Cannabis Chamber Chats videocast encourages guests to talk about what it took to launch their companies. The Quarterly Chamber Connect events brings business and industry leaders with presentations on relevant topics.

The blog gives women business owners a platform to write about their business journey.

Keeping with the “how to open a company” theme I am writing about how the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce began and evolved.

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