What Is Empowerment?

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Empowerment is a familiar word. Many of us stare at empowering quotes on our mirrors or frig every morning. We post empowering memes to facebook and write empowering affirmations  in journals. We stream empowering podcasts and videos, attend workshops and seminars. We are quick to offer words of empowerment to friends struggling with a bad work situation.

We Are Empowered!

But what does that actually mean? You can’t take empowerment to the bank or pay the bills with it. Does empowerment result in a better career or promotions or produce success? Is the result of empowerment power?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines empowerment as:  Authority or power given to someone to do something. The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.

Merriam Webster definition is: the state of being empowered to do something :  the granting of the power, right, or authority to perform various acts or duties.

To be empowered do we need to first be in a position of disempowerment?

Merriam Webster defines disempowerment as: to deprive of power, authority, or influence : make weak, ineffectual, or unimportant.

Deprive of power, authority, or influence. There is no freedom in those words. They are cold and cruel. Make weak, ineffectual, or unimportant. The words of emotional and physical abuse. There is no respect any of the words. So, does empowerment give us power, authority, or influence? Does empowerment make us strong, effectual, and important?

Power is controlling and benefiting from our resources, assets, income and time. Power is the ability to manage risk and improve our economic and personal well being. Power is having a voice.

Empowerment is a process not a solution. To move from empowerment into power, actions must be taken.

Replace the quotes on your mirror and frig with your goals and a “to do list” of the steps you think you need to accomplish your goals. Develop a timeline, and develop the discipline to adhere to it.

Seek out associations and groups of like minded people for support, information and resources. Our greatest resource is the people we meet. They can provide valuable advice based upon their business experiences or a fresh way of looking at a concept. The next person you meet may own a product or service that is beneficial to your business. Networking is about forming business relationships and commoradiere

As women we’ve been empowered long enough it’s. It’s time to focus the self confidence and courage of empowerment into action. Be the Power in your own life!

Women with Higher IQs are More Likely to Smoke Weed

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Never mind stereotypical stoner humor, cannabis consumers have been shown to be more intelligent than their non-consuming counterparts. And that applies especially to women. According to a new study, women who smoke weed have higher IQs than those who don’t.

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Researchers from the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health looked at 800 female cannabis consumers, analyzing data on their intelligence, smoking habits, lifestyle, and schooling level. They found that the majority of female cannabis consumers had higher IQs than the general public, and were 50 percent more intelligent than the average woman — meaning that, the smarter the woman, the more likely she is to smoke pot.

However, though the data proved a correlation between women with higher IQs and cannabis consumption, it didn’t point to why this correlation exists.

Some scientists believe that smarter people might be more open to new experiences, such as new modes of thought and consciousness that cannabis can provide. People who have higher IQs might seek out different or more diverse kinds of mental stimulation. The more cerebral someone is, the more likely they may want to explore the mind in different ways.

And moreover, because cannabis is safe to use and you can’t overdose from it, a smart or cautious drug consumer might also be drawn to the plant.

This isn’t the first time science has shown a connection between intelligence and one’s proclivity toward cannabis. According to a study from the British Medical Journal, people with higher childhood IQs are more likely to use cannabis by the time they turn 30.

Meanwhile, another study from University College London found that middle-schoolers who excelled at school had a higher chance of drinking alcohol and smoking weed when they got to high school, but that they were less likely to smoke cigarettes. However, if a minor were to smoke weed, it could have effects on their performance in school, or on their cognitive development. While a number of children use cannabis for otherwise life-threatening diseases like epilepsy, and have since excelled with the use of products like high-CBD cannabis oil, the average teenager should consider their emotional maturity before altering their minds.

That said, cannabis is known to be a catalyst for new ideas and creativity. No wonder women with high IQs are drawn to cannabis, as it can help maximize and enhance all the activity that’s already happening in their heads.

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Charities Just Say No To Cannabis Contributions

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Charities are reluctant to take donations from cannabis companies, even if the state has legalized the industry. Organa Brands learned this the hard way. The company was flush with success and wanted to give back to the community, but charities just said no.

Reposted from Forbes.com written by Debra Borchardt 

“It felt like a slap in the face,” said Organa Brands President Chris Driessen. “Because the message was essentially you’re a drug dealer.” Organa Brands is the parent company of O.penVAPE, one of the largest cannabis vape companies in the country. Organa is also home to cannabis brands Bakked, District Edibles, Magic Buzz and Organa Labs. Driessen said that if a charity was willing to take the money, it wanted it to be anonymous. “The optics were more important than helping the people,” he said. Some of the charities that turned down Organa included Wounded Warriors, American Cancer Society, Children’s Hospital Foundation.

This created a conundrum for the company. Was the donation to be public in order to pat the company on its back for its generosity or was it simply an attempt to be considered as legitimate as other businesses? Does a public donation bring more attention to the company making the donation or does it bring attention to the charity itself? Driessen knew that Organa felt it should not have to hide in the shadows.

One group that was willing to work with Organa was the Denver Rescue Mission that works with the homeless. Not only did they happily and publicly take Organa’s charity, but the group also volunteered man hours. “We had 29 people at 5 am the day before Thanksgiving. Certainly not the image of stoners that people expected.”

Another charity that has been working with Organa is Grow for Vets. Driessen said that Organa was hosting a golf tournament on September 11 to raise money for the charity that helps veterans that need cannabis to treat pain and PTSD. Again, golf tournaments break the stereotype of what one may think of a cannabis company.

“We turn down probably 25 companies that want to work with us,” said Roger Martin, Executive Director of Grow For Vets. As far of the other charities that turned down Organa’s help, “They have a snooty, up in the air attitude,” said Martin. Grow For Vets is an organization that helps a veteran get medical marijuana for free. Martin noted that veterans get opioids for free through their medical benefits to treat pain and PTSD, but while these prescription drugs were free the cost was high in the terms of overdoses and suicides.

“They had to pay for marijuana, but not opioids,” he said. Martin said the money raised at the golf tournament will be used to help expand his program into all 50 states. While some states haven’t legalized marijuana, Martin said he can get these vets hemp-based CBD, which is more easily obtained. “Cannabis is the only thing that has helped me with PTSD,” he said. “Cannabis money isn’t dirty money.”


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Marijuana affects

How Marijuana Affects Women Differently than Men

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Marijuana affects men and women in different ways and it’s not because of size. Some research claims that estrogen and THC have a pretty meaningful relationship, giving a boost to women and how they experience cannabis’ benefits.

Reposted from Alternet written By Maria Loreto

Research from Washington State University found that women who are ovulating – the moment their estrogen has peaked and begins to fall – marijuana affects made them feel much more pain relief and relaxation than men and women who aren’t ovulating. According to this research, women are also able to feel more pain relief than men due to THC’s relationship to estrogen. Research conducted on mice supports this belief, demonstrating 30 % more relief from the females than the males. Men will have to consume much more cannabis to experience the same marijuana affects on the amount of pain relief.

Women also develop tolerance much faster than men, which is not such a good thing, because they have to smoke much more to get the usual high. This trait was demonstrated on a study conducted on mice, which proved that females developed a resistance within a period of 10 days, at which point they needed a much higher dose of cannabis to show a response to the plant.

In low doses, cannabis improves the libido of women, but high doses have the opposite effect due to the way in which THC affects estrogen, impairing it and making women less interested in sex. When it comes to men, it’s more complicated because it raises their libido shortly after smoking while consumed in low doses. When consumed in high doses, the spike in libido is much shorter.

According to research from Washington State University, men’s hunger is greatly more affected than women’s, making them eat much more than them.

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