Cannabis Business Education

How To Get Into The Cannabis Industry

How To Get Into The Cannabis Industry is two days of seminars by established Colorado dispensary, cultivation, edible, concentrate, testing lab owners, cannabis marketing experts, an investment company representative, and cannabis scientists. The seminars are structured to deliver concise and detailed information on all aspects of the business of cannabis. Weekend package includes networking event and dinners with Colorado Cannabis Industry leaders.

Marijuana Marketing for Businesses

Marijuana Marketing for Businesses is an intensive “how to” one day workshop designed for existing marijuana and marijuana related businesses. Marijuana Marketing for Businesses teaches entrepreneurs how create and launch their marketing strategies and marketing campaigns.




Medical Marijuana Round Table

Medical Marijuana Round Table is a monthly discussion group focusing on medical marijuana research and personal experiences. Medical Marijuana Round Table encourages continual education and sharing of knowledge.



Who We Are

Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce gives entrepreneurs the educational programs, business tools and networking to successfully launch and sustain cannabis and cannabis related businesses. The cannabis market has reinvented traditional business models, created new ones and taken marketing to a new level. Denver is ground zero for the new "doing business" paradigm. The Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce brings together Colorado cannabis business founders, CEO's, executives, public figures, activists, and history makers to offer the most comprehensive cannabis business education available. In the rapidly expanding billion dollar cannabis market entrepreneurs can benefit from the business experience and expertise of cannabis business owners. The Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce networking opportunities and events focus on building positive business relationships within a cannabis-centric industry.

Cannabis Business Course instructors are founders, CEO's and executives

Dinner Guests are Cannabis Industry leaders, public figures, and activists.

The Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Talk

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