Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

During this health and economic crisis The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce is focusing on keeping entrepreneurs in business and financially stable. There are indications that there could be a substantial recovery period. We are extending all memberships an additional year. 

Marketing has always been an issue for cannabis and hemp companies. Getting your product or services in front of the consumer is even more crucial now.

Consumers and businesses are turning to the internet for products, services, and resources.

We have developed a platform for our members, as part of the membership benefits, and for non-members, for a minimal fee, to broaden their online presence and reach. 

The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce website is being redesigned to offer a video business directory composed of 3 minute videos of your best business advice or quote, links to your website and social media.

If you are an entrepreneur that is delaying launching your company, we encourage you to use this opportunity to start promoting your future launch. 

Visually promote your company by Including your logo, products, shop, work space, etc. in the video.

The video format is as follows:

Introduction: Your name, company, state, include city if you are a brick and mortar. 

Best Business Advice: We want your relevant business advice or quote. We are branding these as Success Advice. 

Closing Pitch: e.g. Please visit our website. If you need a ___________ please email me. Our products are 100% organic, etc. 

Please send your videos, links, and contact information to:

addison@womenscannabischamberofcommerce.com or womenscannabischamber@gmail.com

The website will be redesigned by April 25th. The videos will be posted on the website page Women Cultivating Success. This is not exclusive to women. Our goal is to increase the visibility and revenue for companies. Women Cultivating Success is a marketing platform. 98% of our members are women. 70% of our followers across all social media, except LinkedIn, are women between 25-45 years old. 

We will post as many Success Advice videos as possible to Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce and Women’s Cultivating Success social media. We encourage you to post your videos to your social media. 

Members’ videos will be given priority. Members may submit new videos at any time. Submitting a new Success Advice video every 3 months keeps your messaging fresh. 

As a chamber of commerce, we are here to serve our business members’ needs. We are aware that at this time many fledgling companies’ budgets are tightening and membership is not an option. We believe “the tide raises all boats.” Every business is an asset and valuable to economic recovery. 

Non-members will be charged $50. Non-member videos will be posted on the website for 6 months. 

Our business educators have come together to produce a series of 30-40 minute videos addressing the business struggles and solutions. Their years of expertise will bring perspective, innovation and creativity to business survival. 

We will begin posting the videos to social media and making the videos available on the website, beginning April 25. 

Members interested in offering a video please email:

addison@womenscannabischamberofcommerce.com or womenscannabischamber@gmail.com 

We are open to all topics that are beneficial to business success, well being and health. 

To ensure we address your business challenges, we have created a Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce Group on Facebook. Please post your business questions and concerns to the Group. We will answer all questions in the comments.



Mentoring & Networking Brunches

The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce is changing the shotgun approach to networking into a strategic approach designed to produce action, results, and long term business relationships.  

The Mentoring and Networking Brunches‘ focus is on:

  • Opening up dialogues between local CEOs from cannabis, cbd and hemp companies and entrepreneurs
  • Sharing Solutions and Resources.
  • Developing business relationships.
  • Enjoying a Saturday brunch with like minded people.

Mentoring and Networking Brunches

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