Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce goal is to inspire women to move beyond empowerment into powerful result driven career strategies, CEO positions, and business ownership.

Our focus is on No Fluff – No Bullshit online and classroom canna-centric business courses presenting relevant information and cannabis, hemp, and cbd business experience. The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce is establishing the ‘gold standard” for cannabis and hemp business education.

 Women Cultivating Success 2020 Business Education Series is composed ten three and half hour courses priced at $325 each. There are several levels of extraction courses which are priced individually. All courses are limited to 30 attendees.

The business courses are taught by entrepreneurs with successful cannabis, cbd and hemp companies. Their expertise will help eliminate costly mistakes, and fast tracks startups into the cannabis and hemp marketplace.

The how to open a cannabis, cbd or hemp company courses present a step by step guide of how to launch and expand your brand and company. 

CEO business courses for entrepreneurs cover the legal, contractual, IP, and marketing aspects of building a successful company.

How to Secure a Career in the Cannabis or Hemp Industry teaches attendees how to write a resume, utilize their social media profiles, interview, vet and approach companies.

The Business Resource Page includes links to business basics including free business plan templates, design, blogging and post scheduling programs. A link to one of many YouTube videos giving step by step instructions on how to create a professional WordPress website is provided.  It contains links to cannabis licensing requirements and hemp regulations for each state.

Mentoring Brunches & Strategic Networking

The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce is changing the shotgun approach to networking into a strategic approach designed to produce action, results, and long term business relationships.

Mentoring Brunches gives 30 entrepreneur guests the opportunity to sit down for brunch with 4-6 cannabis or cbd/hemp CEO’s and ask business questions. The mentoring brunches bring together like minded entrepreneurs for strategic networking.

Please click here for cities and dates for upcoming Mentoring Brunches & Strategic Networking. 

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