Women's Cannabis Chamber of CommereWomen’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce 2024-2025 Focus is How to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry.

The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce mission is to move entrepreneurs beyond empowerment into powerful result driven career strategies, CEO positions and business ownership; to provide education, resources, and networking opportunities.

The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce’s goal is to connect companies and entrepreneurs in the cannabis marketplace with their consumer base to build a strong and stable cannabis industry and cannabis community.

The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce focuses on building business and professional success through Strategic Networking Events; Regional Cannabis Industry Networking Dinners, Women Cultivating Success Luncheons and Meet & Mingles. 


Northeastern Industry Networking Dinner

Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

Women Cultivating Success Luncheon

In the cannabis space “doing business as usual – is not usual”. As the industry evolves and expands so does the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce. WCCC is focused on providing our members with benefits that produce commerce for their businesses and are seeking members who are focused on success. Membership benefits only produce results when you use them. 

The theme for 2024 is How to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry. 

We arrange a call with each new member to learn what they need to achieve their career or business goals and how WCCC can help connect them with people and resources.

WCCC provides members with an added layer of marketing through our social media platforms and websites. Read More….

To contribute to women having a stronger presence in the industry, WCCC is bringing together members interested in being speakers and/or part of curated panels showcasing their expertise. Read More….

Meet & MinglesNetworking plays a major role in the cannabis industry. It is an opportunity to have conversations about your brand and learn first hand about other brands and services. Networking connects business owners in the cannabis space. 

Networking builds long term business relationships which builds a stronger local cannabis industry. It also connects brands and consumers, building a stronger cannabis community.

Meet & Mingles are smaller networking events, 60-65 guests, creating a comfortable atmosphere for conversations. Snacks, wine and beer are served. A Speaker adds to the conversation with a topic relevant to the cannabis space. 

“No single conversation is guaranteed to transform a company – but a single conversation has the potential to be the conversation that does.”


Conversations with Women in the Cannabis IndustryNot a Podcast – Not a Webinar – Not an Infomercial. It’s a Conversation!

Everyone has the opportunity to be on screen and unmuted.

We talk amongst our women colleagues in the cannabis industry about the obstacles and inequity we encounter. This is an experience shared by the majority of women in the industry.

WCCC’s goal is to open up the Conversation to women across the country to begin working on solutions, and a future with more representation in C-Suite position and business ownership.

An MJBizDaily report highlights that only 19% of cannabis businesses across Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada and Ohio are owned by women. Massachusetts, in particular, lags behind with a meager 5% ownership.

A 2021 report published by the National Cannabis Industry Association and The Arcview Group found that only 8% of cannabis CEOs are women. In a 2019 MJBiz Daily report 37% of the executive positions in the industry were held by women. In a 2021 report that number fell to 22.1%.

As the legal cannabis industry grows, the rate at which women are entering the industry is now declining. More women are leaving the cannabis industry.


Conversations with Women in the Cannabis IndustryHow do we overcome the obstacles and issues faced by women in the cannabis industry?

How do we move into executive positions?

What can we do to support women cannabis business owners?

What is the future for women in the cannabis industry? 

How do we overcome workplace discrimination?

How do we make our voices heard?

What are the solutions?



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