Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce mission is to move entrepreneurs’ beyond empowerment into powerful result driven career strategies, CEO positions and business ownership CEO positions and business ownership; to provide education, resources, and networking opportunities.


Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce Events

Blunts & Brunch – elevating networking and building a strong cannabis industry and community. Featuring national women-owned brands, state-wide dispensaries and round-table discussions with industry leaders and trailblazers Blunts & Brunch is an opportunity to learn and to connect with like-minded people. Join us for brunch, cocktails, live music and conversations.

Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce Events

Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce hosts Women Cultivating Success, an online interactive conversation with women in the cannabis industry. Each Women Cultivating Success has a guest speaker or speakers to initiate the conversation. Everyone is encouraged to introduce themselves and participate with questions and insights. Building a stronger cannabis business community.

Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce Events

Mocktails with Maryjane in person monthly networking combines guest speakers as facilitators to start the conversation and roundtable networking. Each guest has one minute to introduce themselves and what area they are in, want to learn about, need or have a resource to share. Our goal is to cultivate solid resources and friendships to build a strong women cannabis community.

Entering the Emerging Psychedelics Markets

The Entering the Emerging Psychedelics Markets Workshop provides participants with the knowledge and resources to navigate the new legal industry. The workshop was developed by and is presented by Sheva Pekar, founder and CEO of Psycann Advisors. Sheva has a strong industry vision and long game approach to business development.

Infused Skincare Product

Infused Skincare Product Formulation Certification Course was developed and is presented by Bianca Prachy, founder and CEO of Bliss Molecules. Bianca created and successfully launched a natural, infused skin care line in 2018. Bianca incorporates her expertise in all aspects of business development into this course.

Dispensary Management Certification Course

The Dispensary Management Course Certification provides first time dispensary owners, budtenders, and managers seeking a career in the cannabis industry with the knowledge for dispensary success and profitability. Jessica Young opened 3 dispensaries, manages 3 cultivations, 5 med and 1 rec dispensary, and an extraction/infusion lab.

Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

Effective activism achieves desired results.  Learn protocols and practices to effectively communicate, organize and influence policy makers and public opinion in your state and nationally for cannabis legalization, protection of patients rights, hemp policies, and regulations. This workshop is recommended for anyone working for social, political, economic or environmental change.

Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

The Community Impact Strategies Course was developed and is facilitated by Samantha Sage. Samantha is the founder and CEO of Kind Philanthropy. As a Social Entrepreneur, Samantha Sage founded Kind Philanthropy with the intention to combine her inherited knowledge of the Cannabis Industry and her vision of people & planet before profits

Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

Marketing Plan & Strategy Workshop

Developing a Pitch Deck & Your Pitch Workshop

Leadership Course & Workshop

Nonprofit Management Certification


2021 MJBizFactbook analysis predicts the marijuana industry will employ 340,000-415,000 full-time equivalent workers across the United States in 2021. It is predicted that the number of full-time workers will grow to 545,000-600,000 by 2025. 

Women Cultivating Success

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Stephanie Kronen

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