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MembershipThe yearly membership in the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce is $240.00.

Membership includes the following benefits. 

Business Course Downloads available January 01, 2020: Non-members $$1795.00. Member Pricing $1345. Savings $450.00 per download. Members may download maximum of two business courses per 12 month period.

Women Cultivating Success Conference courses: Pricing per 3.5 hour course, Non-members $325.00 Members $240.00.  Savings $85 per course.

Membership includes access to the online Members & Mentors Forums  Instructors and industry leaders will answer your business questions.

Women Cultivating Success CBD-Hemp Conference: Denver February 29th, Houston April 18th, Chicago June 27, Denver September 26.

Women Cultivating Success THC Conference: Denver March 23, dates and states TBD.

The business course downloads are developed and presented by owners of cannabis, cbd, and hemp companies, attorneys, compliance consultants, and marketing experts.

Each 8 hour download includes:

  • Product Development
  • Setting up Manufacturing Facility
  • Procurement of raw materials
  • Inventory
  • Setting up Retail (dispensary only)
  • Patient Retention & Customer Loyalty (dispensary only)
  • Packaging
  • Sales
  • Pitfalls, Solutions, Success
  • Writing SOP’s
  • Setting up HR
  • OSHA
  • Compliance (THC only)
  • Marketing Products & Company (CBD only)
  • Designing Pitch Decks
  • Understanding Business Contracts
  • Intellectual Property

How to Open A CBD Infused Product Company

How to Open A Hemp Based Food Company

The Business of Hemp Cultivation: Beyond Growing

How to Market CBD Products and Companies

How to Open A Dispensary

How to Open An Edible Company

How to Open An Extraction Company

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