Membership Benefits

The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce launched on January 01, 2016 on the principle of members doing business with members. The first chamber of commerce was founded 1592 in France and has been a successful model for creating commerce and community.

In the cannabis space “doing business as usual – is not usual”. As the industry evolves and expands so does the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce. WCCC is focused on providing our members with benefits that produce commerce for their businesses. 

Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce Membership Benefits are Opportunities 

Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

18 Month Membership – Does not automatically renew


Women's Cannabis Chamber of CommerceWe are a Chamber of Commerce. The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce can provide our members with another layer of marketing through our social media and websites. 

We ask members to submit a 3-8 minute video. Marketing doesn’t have to feel like marketing. Guidelines in Membership Packet.

Your video will be posted and shared on all WCCC social media and websites.

Your video will be posted to the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce blog page (Women Cultivating Success) and the homepage. 

The video stays on the homepage for 30-40 days and on the blog page for 12 months, calculated from when the first video is posted

The videos will also be posted to the Women Cultivating Success website, which is currently the Women Cultivating Success Business Directory. We will attempt to make a graceful transition from the current traditional format to the video format without pausing the site.

Videos are on the Women Cultivating Success website for 18 months calculated from when the first video is posted.

WCCC gives members the opportunity to share workshops, classes, training or courses that they offer through their company and website.  Your class will be listed on the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce’s and Women Cultivating Success Directory’s “Education ” Page. Class listings will include a short class description and link to the registration page on your website. Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce’s “Education” Page is Not members only; class details and link is available to everyone.

To contribute to women having a stronger presence in the industry, WCCC is bringing together members interested in being speakers and/or part of curated panels, podcasts or webinars showcasing their expertise. Details in Membership Packet.

WCCC is curating panels, speakers and topics from our members that will be presented and promoted to conferences and expos. As more women are invited to speak at conferences, WCCC wants to ensure that their expertise are showcased. It is important for women to be represented on stage for their knowledge and success in their respective fields and not just because they are a woman.

Members receive early notifications, registration and discounts on tickets for the Cannabis Industry Networking Dinners and Women Cultivating Success Luncheons. 

Members receive early notification and registration for the free-online Women Cultivating Success Conversations with Women in the Industry Series.