Marijuana Marketing for Businesses

Marijuana Marketing fo Businesses

Marijuana Marketing for Businesses

Marijuana Marketing for Businesses

Marijuana Marketing for Businesses teaches entrepreneurs the "how to's" of marketing focused on increase profitability and market position of cannabis-centric businesses. One of the key components frequently overlooked for business success is a marketing strategy. The lack of a good marketing strategy and the knowledge to initiate it affects profitability and expansion. consequently a marketing campaign can make or break a business.

Starting a business is a huge commitment of time and money. Few entrepreneurs go into business with a written marketing strategy. Hence their marketing is based on experience within the industry and instinct. Applying your experience and instinct to a solid marketing strategy increases your market share. It is important to realize that successful marketing is the result of  a well thought out plan of action.


Marijuana Marketing is LIMITED TO 4 Entrepreneurs

Limiting the size of Marijuana Marketing for Businesses allows you to ask questions that are relevant to your brand and vision.

Marijuana Marketing is designed to give you the marketing knowledge and expertise of a marketing agency.

During the process you will be imputing and customizing information into a marketing and strategy plan that is uniquely yours.  

Limiting the class size to 4 insures you will have all the tools to launch, sustain, and evolve marketing campaigns.


Why you need Marijuana Marketing for Businesses

Marketing is complex.  And marketing in the marijuana Industry is even more complex due to the advertising restrictions.

Therefore marijuana businesses have relied on social media platforms to deliver their marketing message.

Ultimately consumers find and connect with marijuana businesses and information online. It is crucial to your business to be able to maximize your online marketing and presence.

To summarize, Marijuana Marketing for Businesses gives you the knowledge and tools to maintain and manage your marketing strategy.  In essence the workshop enables you to set up and control an in-house marketing department.


What to expect from Marijuana Marketing for Businesses

First of all, we require NDA’s  to explicitly protect the business, creative and intellectual property of those attending. 

Marijuana Marketing for Businesses is limited to 4 entrepreneurs in order to provide each attendee with more personalized instruction.

By the time the workshop ends each attendee will have a completed marketing strategy that is uniquely their's. and schedule for initiating strategy

Knowledge not Bullshit.


Who should attend Marijuana Marketing for Businesses




Hemp Businesses

CBD manufacturers

Concentrate producers



What you will learn from Marijuana Marketing for Businesses

Ultimate Optimization



Best Keywords specifically for marijuana searches

Best Hashtags for your business

Rich Content

Boosting online rankings


How to interpret and understand website and social media analytics

How to set up tracking

Determining ROI

Profiling and Analyzing Your Competitors

How to Market to your Demographics

How to Expand your Demographics through marketing.

Writing Content for the purpose of reaching different markets.

Marketing Regulations, Restrictions, and equally important, how to keep Facebook from closing your account.

How to Utilize Social Media to drive traffic to your website and business.

How to Utilize Social Media to establish your brand locally and equally important national brand recognition.

Determining the Social Influencers in the marijuana community.

Online marijuana focused sites to post to.

Online Advertising.

Additionally, Marijuana Marketing for Businesses explores the ROI of print ads, hosting events and sponsoring events, as well as, guerilla marketing. A point often overlooked is guerilla marketing and the role it plays in attracting customers.


Good To Know Infomation

After registration you will receive a confirmation email containing address ( I-25 & Colorado Blvd), contact numbers, NDA, marketing plan and marketing strategy templates. You will receive a thumb drive and paper copy of the course outline, as well as, lists of advertising and promotional resources. 

Above all bring your laptop.

Marijuana Marketing for Businesses includes a catered lunch. In addition there will be coffee, tea, snacks, water, and sodas in the conference room A menu will be enclosed in the confirmation email. Please pre-order lunch and also advise of any dietary restrictions.

This is a non-consumption space, consequently attendees taking smoke breaks are asked to use discretion.


Marijuana Marketing for Businesses


"Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don't wish it were easier; wish you were better." -- Jim Rohn
Marijuana Marketing for Businesses
Marijuana Marketing for Businesses
Marijuana Marketing for Businesses
Marijuana Marketing for Businesses
Marijuana Marketing for Businesses
Marijuana Marketing for Businesses
Marijuana Marketing for Businesses
Marijuana Marketing for Businesses