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The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce was founded and incorporated in August, 2011 as the Cannabis Chamber of Commerce. During a Cannabis Chamber of Commerce women in the industry networking breakfast in 2014 it was apparent there was a need for a chamber of commerce for women. The chamber organically evolved into the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce and was launched January, 01, 2016. The focus and mission statement has not changed:

The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce focuses on building business and professional success within the Cannabis Industry through executive level courses, executive dinners and events. 

Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce mission is to move entrepreneurs’ beyond empowerment into powerful result driven career strategies, CEO positions and business ownership; to provide education, resources, and networking opportunities.


https://www.canva.com/design/DAFLUQgqroM/JnDFjI9VByBPdHBNwyYxDA/view?utm_content=DAFLUQgqroM&utm_campaign=share_your_design&utm_medium=link&utm_source=shareyourdesignpanelAddison Morris

CEO & Founder


Addison Morris became involved in the feminist movement in 1966. The values and goals of the feminist movement are reflected in the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce. 

Addison describes herself as a serial entrepreneur, starting her first business 1969. She became active in her local chamber of commerce and business organizations in 1970.

With the emergence of facebook Addison launched Panache Press a social media marketing company that focused on women owned small businesses. This became Sweet Jane Marketing with a focus on cannabis companies.

In 2011 she started the Cannabis Chamber of Commerce to address the business obstacles cannabis related businesses were encountering. A monthly breakfast for women working in the cannabis business inspired Addison to transition into the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce on January 1st, 2016.


Brianna Bowes Women's Cannabis Chamber of CommerceBrianna Bowes

National Executive Director


 Brianna Bowes is a cannabis industry leader and founder of companies such as Sunbaked Goods and Nexx Holdings; a network of expanding cannabis service lines, products, and entities such as clinics, gourmet edibles, and restaurants. She has a vision for the U.S. cannabis industry that protects it from turning into Big Pharma. Instead, her goal is for the cannabis industry to focus on research, conscious development, and helping people learn how to use cannabis for health benefits, whether medical, recreational, or aesthetic. Seen as a trailblazer for young minority women, Brianna places emphasis on education and establishing industry standards for the benefit of the consumer and industry alike.

She is on track to revolutionize the cannabis industry in major U.S. cities with full-fledged health care clinics, Cannabis infused food & beverage offerings and fine dining, consumption lounges, ketamine treatments, and more. Beyond holding the coveted position of the National Executive Director of the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, her vision and strategy include establishing partnerships with well-known brands and organizations to facilitate her mainstream efforts for cannabis products in the U.S.

www.nexxhealth.com / www.sunbakedgoods.com


April Rodriquez Women Cannabis Chamber of CommerceApril Rodriguez

Director of Strategic Partnerships


April Rodriguez was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She grew up in a large Hispanic home with her parents and five siblings. While in college, this diligent student started her career as a paralegal at a real estate firm in 1999. There she was amazed at all the facets of real estate. She expanded her knowledge of the industry by becoming a mortgage broker in 2003 and later a realtor in 2006. In late 2008, her father was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. That devastating news sparked April’s interest in cannabis and its medicinal benefits. In 2013, cancer took her father’s life and that further motivated her to build awareness of the benefits of cannabis. In 2016, her determination proudly earned her a broker license. Throughout the years, April has established herself as an advocate, educator, and professional in the emerging and rapidly growing cannabis industry.

For nearly a decade, her talent has successfully assisted multiple cannabis corporations plan and expand their businesses throughout the state of Florida. Today, her experience has extended her reach across the country. Due to her extensive knowledge in the cannabis industry, she created and is seated at the “Head of the Cannabis Division” of The Keyes Company. April’s most recent appointment is “Director of Strategic Partnerships of the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.” Her latest endeavor is the development of “The Psychedelic Group,” which brings awareness to psychedelics and its therapeutic benefits revolving around mental health. April’s passions include quality time spent with her husband and three boys, traveling, and enjoying different ethnic and cultural cuisines.


Dawn Blackman Women's Cannabis Chamber of CommerceDawn Blackman

Community Liaison


Dawn Blackman, a Denver activist, began volunteering with the MMAPA (Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of America) in 2011 where she became the Community Relations Director and then the Regional Director in 2012. 

In November 2013, Dawn, co-owner, launched Colorado Rocky Mountain Tours, providing tours to national and international press as recreational cannabis became legal. Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tours first press tour was Randi Kaye, Andersen Cooper 360.