Jaqi York

Jaqi York Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

Jaqi York became an investment broker at the age of 19, becoming the youngest CFP’s in the industry. Jaqi has worked with high end clients providing world class financial planning and has built multiple businesses in diverse industries over  the past 25+ years, grossing up to 8 million in sales a year. She understands what is involved in starting and growing a company in an ever-evolving industry. Focus is on tailoring accounting for growth and continual success. Jaqi has studied and worked with the best in the cannabis industry, DopeCFO. She is the founder and CEO OF  Blooming CFO

Jaqi Yorkis a member of Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce and is one of hosts of By the Numbers: Q&A with Certified Cannabis Accountants. She is one of the Cannabis Accounting for Accountants facilitators.