Finding a Mentor

Finding a Mentor in the Cannabis Industry

A mentor within the cannabis industry is difficult to find. I am fortunate to be surrounded by women from across the country, at various stages of business development. Each conversation and interaction is an opportunity to learn about the challenges entrepreneurs face and how they are overcoming them. I always ask entrepreneurs what they think would help them achieve their business goals. The most common answers are a mentor or money, or both.

There are volumes of articles defining mentoring, the value of having a mentor, 3 types of mentoring, 4 forms of mentoring, qualities of a mentor, ethics in mentoring, and mentoring etiquette. After 800 or more words we get to the last paragraph which covers how to find a mentor,  which can be summarized as either luck or stalking a person who is successful in the career you are seeking.

Then there’s the issue of operating a startup company within the largest startup industry; the cannabis industry. Cannabis companies are continually pivoting and readapting. It’s not a 9-5 industry and being a mentor or finding a mentor may not be feasible. 

The cannabis industry uprooted and revolutionized marketing. Covid forced us into online business meetings and social interaction. The way we conduct business has changed. Why are we defining mentorship in the same way we did in the 1950’s?

Cannabis as an industry has changed the concept of mentoring, but we are not recognizing or utilizing it.

Women naturally mentor one another. We are eager to share information, solutions and resources. Like good mentors we are there to encourage and give support. You are surrounded by mentors and you are also a mentor to each of them. 

There are mentors at your fingertips. Online options like Zoom, Clubhouse and LinkedIn Meeting connect you with canna-centric companies discussing a variety of topics, from cultivation to packaging. You are able to learn about cannabis business and politics in other states. This can be invaluable if you are considering national expansion. 

Continuing the conversation with the other participants on social media develops an atmosphere of mentorship.

Group mentoring is defined as “a process where peers and leaders are brought together to engage in discussion around common challenges, goals, and ideas.” This also describes how people come together in Facebook and LinkedIn Groups to share their expertise.

Ask the right questions.

Ask for the information you need. 

Share your knowledge, you may have the answer someone else needs.

Utilize this approach for in person networking events. Everyone who attends a networking event is there with the same agenda, to promote their business and attract new clients and customers.

Move beyond the elevator pitch, ask the questions you need answered. 

Of course, it would be easier to have one mentor who would advise, assist, and focus on you and your business progress. You wouldn’t have to participate in online meetings, you wouldn’t have to formulate targeted questions or talk to everyone at a networking event. You wouldn’t have to sort through all the information you’ve acquired to determine what is relevant to your business needs. 

What you gain from mentoring through asking the right questions is a wealth of knowledge, resources, real time insights into current market trends, political issues affecting the industry, and new products and innovations that will change the markets. You develop genuine business relationships. Each question, each conversation has the potential to change your perception and inspire you. 

One woman can change the world. Together we will Rock the World!

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Fuego 4.20

Fuego 4.20 Collaboration

The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce was founded to provide entrepreneurs at all levels of business development with relevant education, resources, tools and networking opportunities for success. 

One of the most difficult aspects of business success in the cannabis industry is an effective marketing campaign. There are several components to marketing campaigns. The most overlooked is ads in online and print magazines.

Advertising restrictions and regulations for cannabis companies can be insurmountable obstacles. There are less than one hundred cannabis related magazines. Each falls into specific categories ranging from news, culture, wellness, entertainment, etc. Each is focused on the interests of their consumer base such as hemp, cbd, cannabis, edibles, etc. Advertising can broaden your reach but can be cost prohibitive for businesses with smaller marketing budgets. 

Fuego 4.20 recently did their soft launch. Fuego 4.20 was created by Diana Ramos, and is a BIPOC women owned and operated magazine. It offers a balance of national and local cannabis news and events, plant medicine and wellness, lifestyle and culture. (see Stories

What stands out most is Fuego 4.20 Small Business Spotlight and their Fire Starter Series. In Spanish Fuego means “fire” as well as “passion”. The Fire Starter Series profiles BIPOC women in cannabis who bring passion and commitment to the industry and the cannabis community. We encourage Chamber members to submit their story for the Fire Starter Series. Your journey and your voice will inspire other women. 

Being featured in the Fire Starter Series will broaden your exposure, reaching a consumer/client base that you may not be reaching through social media. Diana Ramos and her staff’s background and expertise is in cannabis publications. They have been involved in developing, content, marketing, sales, and getting cannabis print magazines onto shelves. They bring their expertise and “Fire” to Fuego 4.20.

Their marketing strategy and implementation is targeted towards a consumer/client base that aligns with that of Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce’s membership. Fuego 4.20’s focus on social equity and women in cannabis, and the quality of their content resonates with the Chamber’s mission. Fuego 4.20 is destined for success as it launches and distributes its print publication in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, New York and Oklahoma. 

The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce is cautious with endorsements. The Chamber is not only endorsing Fuego 4.20, we are collaborating with them. We believe our Fuego 4.20 collaboration can be beneficial to our members’ marketing strategy. Membership in the Chamber includes a social marketing workshop and now our collaboration with Fuego 4.20 enables us to offer a substantial discount on advertising. 

We are Invested in Your Success!


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Brianna’s Insights

Brianna’s position as the National Executive Director of The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce and Founder and CEO of SunBaked Goods provides her with insights into multiple aspects of the cannabis industry.

Too many companies forget, or fail to realize, how deeply rooted culture is within cannabis. A majority of conversations I have had recently revolve around the frustration felt by employees who seek genuine leaders, but feel as if their requests are falling on deaf ears. With the industry professionalizing at a rapid pace, it’s crucial for recruiters to understand that leading a successful team in another industry cannot be a copy-paste experience when developing teams in the cannabis space.

This is an industry that is on a path to become substantially lucrative, but was built by the efforts and sacrifices of many who must not just be included, but made whole. The current landscape of corporate cannabis lends itself to those with no prior industry experience securing leadership roles because “they have done it before, and can do it again” in another arena. But this line of thinking does a disservice to the progress made by those who have put in years of hard work to build the infrastructure now being relied upon by these organizations.

These are professionals who have knocked down barriers, fought for reform, and continue to lead through their unique perspectives that can only come from lived experiences. To create successful teams, it is important to remember that while there are similarities between managing any type of business, this is still an incredibly nuanced industry with its own complexities. Companies who wish to be at the forefront of innovation should start by valuing the importance of having a team that reflects the incredible diversity within the cannabis community.

To learn more about Brianna’s business career in cannabis visit the Our Team page, and SunBaked Goods

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Ashley Hill Women Cultivating Success

Coach Ash Winning llc

Ashley Hill, founder of Winning Coaching, is a native Californian who has been in the cannabis industry since 2013. After obtaining her B.S. Degree in Hospitality and Tourism, she has boldly transitioned and become an influencer into the Cannabis Industry. She now seeks to educate and empower people into this industry and business through her frequent media outlets.

Hill gained 51⁄2 years of experience in cannabis cultivation and shares the behind the scene operations. She has managed several multi – million dollar commercial indoor and greenhouse facilities and produced a flower product entered into the High Times Awards. She subsequently has transitioned to the culinary aspect of the industry as a Cannabis Entrepreneur, International Selling Author, and the Co-Owner of Green Light Project (an infused catering and event service).

A Domestic & Global Extreme Execution Coach certified by the No 1 Speaker in the world, Dr. Eric Thomas (also known as E.T. the Hip-Hop Preacher). Coach Hill is a results-driven leader who seeks to empower others to increase self-awareness, create alignment, and execute at a high level. She has been considered by many in Leadership as a Coach’s Coach within the Extreme Execution Leadership.

Ms. Hill continues to advance her scientific research by enrolling in the Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics Master’s Degree program. This is the first and only M.S. program of its kind in the United States of America.

She is also the Southern California meetup coordinator and West Coast Accountability Lead for Dr. Eric Thomas’s Breathe University. She hosts and moderates calls with community leaders, business owners and multimillionaires giving her the opportunity not only to be exposed to their success habits but she has created her own along the way. She continues to expose and share with her personal clients – so they too, can operate, perform and execute like the top 1% of our world.

Coach Ash and Lisa Pickett developed and facilitate the HIGHer Executive Leadership Development Course.

Join guest, Coach Ash, September 28th, 6:30 est at Women Cultivating Success Conversations with Women in the Cannabis Industry Online – Interactive – Free. Hosted by the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.

Join In The Conversation. Register Here


 Women Cultivating Success

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