MJBiz Vegas a Premier Event

MJBiz Vegas Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

MJBiz Con Vegas has become a tradition for cannabis companies and entrepreneurs in Colorado. The 2022 MJBiz Conference has over 1300 exhibitors representing all aspects of the cannabis industry, forums, speakers and networking events. It is the premiere cannabis event attracting over 3500 attendees from all over the world. It is an opportunity to connect with cannabis companies and leaders from your state and across the country. 

The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to have over 200 members in Vegas next week. Our members are not there to promote or praise the Chamber. They are at MJBiz and in Vegas to learn, connect and to attend meetings with future clients, customers, suppliers, partners and investors. 

Our members won’t be wearing Women’s Cannabis Chamber tee-shirts. We don’t have any.

We are a business organization, we want our members to proudly wear their brands. The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce promotes our members and their businesses, not the other way around.

Our executive directors are the founders and CEO’s of their own companies and brands.They are aware of what is involved in launching, promoting and expanding canna-centric companies. Chamber executive directors have experienced the struggles and the successes of being in the “largest start-up” industry. Together we have developed membership benefits to provide entrepreneurs and established companies with courses, workshops, networking, and marketing opportunities for every stage of their business development. 

One woman can make a difference but together we can rock the world!