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Stephanie Kronen Women Cultivating Success

One of the most frequent questions is “how do you start a career in the cannabis industry?”.  Stephanie Kronen, the Director of Marketing at Curaleaf SE, knows the answer. 

Stephanie’s interest and career path has focused on women wellness, developing education and outreach programs, business development and strategic partnerships.

She is the former founder and president of a television production company. The company produced a nationally syndicated women’s health series in a joint venture with International Management Group and Trans World International. During her career with Publicis Touchpoint Solutions she provided training and education to pharmaceutical representatives on behalf of multiple products for medical conditions. Stephanie Kronen received multiple Service Star Awards for exceeding expectations and providing exemplary service. Her business accomplishments and career were well established. Stephanie’s career and future were secure. What motivated or inspired her to make a major career and life change to work in the cannabis industry?

Like so many in the cannabis industry it was about wellness, and educating and helping others achieve a better quality of life through better health. It wasn’t her own journey through pain and disability that inspired her to enter the cannabis industry. (Stephanie’s future in pro tennis ended abruptly when multiple shoulder surgeries left her with permanent nerve damage and trigeminal neuralgia. She was also diagnosed with an auto-immune disease.)

It was her cousin’s deteriorating physical and mental health. 

I got started in the cannabis industry because of my cousin, who is more like a brother to me. He had several major back surgeries that left him disabled in his mid-twenties. He was taking 50+ pills a day from morphine to muscle relaxers, along with anti-anxiety and depression pills. The combination made him suicidal, obese and left him with zero quality of life. When medical cannabis became legal in CT where he resided at the time, he began experimenting. After about 18 months, I saw him lose 200 lbs, get on an airplane for the first time in 20 years to visit me, find his smile and have the desire to have the best life possible. Although he will always be on disability, he works out every day, has since moved to Florida and we took him for his first Margarita at a restaurant in 25 years. 

Stephanie’s cousin’s experience with medical cannabis made her passionate about the medical cannabis’ health benefits and determined to get into the industry.

Her resume and letters of recommendation would ensure a position with any corporation. But, this is the cannabis industry and to quote Stephanie –“The cannabis industry is the world’s largest startup.” 

Stephanie Kronen strategically selected a company that resonated with her values and passion for providing quality products, Curaleaf. Her first position with Curaleaf was developing outreach and an educational program. The industry in Florida was new. Curaleaf had not opened dispensaries in Florida. Physicians had no knowledge of the medical cannabis program. Stephanie went directly to the physicians’ offices providing them with plant education and assisting them with navigating the new arena of medical cannabis. Stephanie moved into the marketing department as the Brand Relationship Manager. Stephanie now holds the position of Director of Marketing  and has been part of the Curaleaf family for five years.

When asked if she has any regrets, Stephanie talks passionately about the patients’ stories that motivate and inspire her every day and Curaleaf’s commitment to the community. It is important to her that Curaleaf is committed to providing patients with the purest and cleanest medical cannabis and that it is a company that puts their patients’ wellness first.

Curaleaf continually explores new ways to understand and better serve their patients. Curaleaf employed The Harris Poll to conduct a survey on the top health and wellness reasons Americans consume cannabis. The findings were recently published in Forbes. She explains how the Curaleaf Rooted in Good  platform addresses Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Social Equity, and Environmental SustainabilityCuraleaf has launched a pre-roll box with the  Veterans Cannabis Project that contains five small pre-rolls. $1.00 is donated to VCP for every box sold. It is a way we can all give back to Veterans. 

Stephanie certainly has no regrets about her career in cannabis.  As part of the companies Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I), she sits on the leadership board of two task forces that focus on improving processes to strengthen Workforce Development and Supplier Diversity.  A favorite guest speaker at industry events, it is always her goal to educate the public on the benefits of medical cannabis and address their questions or concerns. She is a recognized medical cannabis expert for the Florida Health Information Management Association (FHIMA). She is also a published author. 

Stephanie’s advice to women wanting a career in the cannabis industry:

“Connect with the community, educate yourself about cannabis, research the company you are applying with, and do what you are passionate about.”

Stephanie Kronen will share her experiences and insights into the cannabis industry on Wednesday, August 24, 6:00 EST on Women Cultivating Success – conversations with women in cannabis, an interactive Zoom meet-up, bring your insights and questions. Hosted by the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.