Angelica Lilley

Angelica Lilley

Angelica Lilley, is well qualified to be the Community Outreach Specialist for RISE in Florida, serving the needs of patients along the west coast. Having grown up in Florida and being active in her community, she understands the concerns and misconceptions around cannabis as an alternative to prescription medications.

In 2017 Angelica began working with her sister in law, a doctor of oriental medicine, to provide holistic patient care. Partnering with a cannabis clinic in 2018 was a natural transition and opened up another and more controversial element of holistic patient care.

Cannabis is one of the oldest recorded medicinal plants. It dates back to Shen-Nung, the Father of Chinese Medicine, 2700 B.C.E. Political referendums in the 1930’s resulting in criminalization of cannabis created decades of advertising and anti-drug campaigns that have affected Americans’ attitudes and perceptions about cannabis users.

As a woman of Asian ancestry, Angelica realized she needed to educate Asian Americans on the medicinal properties and history of cannabis as medicine in their culture. Her knowledge of holistic medicine coupled with scientific research, patient’s stories, and her and her husband’s, a Veteran, personal experiences and journey enables Angelica to address patients’ questions and needs. 

It was this knowledge and commitment that brought Angelica to RISE. RISE’s company values and company culture resonates with Angelica’s core beliefs and her approach to educating and working with the community.

RISE not only focuses on quality, they focus on the “whole plant” including the properties and role of terpenes. Their corporate (Green Thumb Industries) mission statement includes:

“We believe everyone has a right to well-being. Within our industry, we hold ourselves to a higher standard to grow and serve even more people with safe, quality cannabis. As a leading cannabis company we exist to be helpful stewards on everyone’s journey to well being.”

At RISE the Community Outreach Specialist involves more than ensuring positive and stress free experiences for patients, it is educating and being an active part of the community.

Angelica and the RISE Team will participate in the 2022 Komen Miami/Ft. Lauderdale MORE THAN PINK Walk, October 08. 

RISE supports the community and RISE hopes that its cannabis community will support cancer research by donating to the RISE Team’s goal at their page on Susan G. Kormen.

You can connect with Angelica and team members at RISE sponsored networking and special events that emphasize women’s roles in cannabis and the industry.  Green Thumb Industries has 17 manufacturing facilities, 77 open retail locations and operations across 15 U.S. markets. Established in 2014, Green Thumb employs approximately 4,000 people. The number of women and minorities is significantly greater than the national average. 

Angelica LilleyAngelica points out the influence women have within the company and how it carries over to the product lines and the future for women in the cannabis industry.

“Having women in the industry and in positions to make decisions is what is needed to progress our presence. RISE has a Tincture line called The Feel Collection…. “Created by Badass Women, for Badass Women”.  Enough said.”

RISE – Green Thumb Industries raises the standard of community investment with Good Green which offers unrestricted funding for 501(c)3’s working in Black and Brown communities that are creating change in Education, Employment, and Expungement.

Meet Angelica and team at the WCCC Candy Making Event October 16 in Jacksonville.

Learn more about Angelica’s expertise, experiences and insights on being a woman in the cannabis industry with Women Cultivating Success – Conversations with Women in the Cannabis Industry, Online, October 19. Join the Conversation! REGISTER

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