Brianna’s Insights

Brianna’s position as the National Executive Director of The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce and Founder and CEO of SunBaked Goods provides her with insights into multiple aspects of the cannabis industry.

Too many companies forget, or fail to realize, how deeply rooted culture is within cannabis. A majority of conversations I have had recently revolve around the frustration felt by employees who seek genuine leaders, but feel as if their requests are falling on deaf ears. With the industry professionalizing at a rapid pace, it’s crucial for recruiters to understand that leading a successful team in another industry cannot be a copy-paste experience when developing teams in the cannabis space.

This is an industry that is on a path to become substantially lucrative, but was built by the efforts and sacrifices of many who must not just be included, but made whole. The current landscape of corporate cannabis lends itself to those with no prior industry experience securing leadership roles because “they have done it before, and can do it again” in another arena. But this line of thinking does a disservice to the progress made by those who have put in years of hard work to build the infrastructure now being relied upon by these organizations.

These are professionals who have knocked down barriers, fought for reform, and continue to lead through their unique perspectives that can only come from lived experiences. To create successful teams, it is important to remember that while there are similarities between managing any type of business, this is still an incredibly nuanced industry with its own complexities. Companies who wish to be at the forefront of innovation should start by valuing the importance of having a team that reflects the incredible diversity within the cannabis community.

To learn more about Brianna’s business career in cannabis visit the Our Team page, and SunBaked Goods

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Angelica Lilley

Angelica Lilley

Angelica Lilley, is well qualified to be the Community Outreach Specialist for RISE in Florida, serving the needs of patients along the west coast. Having grown up in Florida and being active in her community, she understands the concerns and misconceptions around cannabis as an alternative to prescription medications.

In 2017 Angelica began working with her sister in law, a doctor of oriental medicine, to provide holistic patient care. Partnering with a cannabis clinic in 2018 was a natural transition and opened up another and more controversial element of holistic patient care.

Cannabis is one of the oldest recorded medicinal plants. It dates back to Shen-Nung, the Father of Chinese Medicine, 2700 B.C.E. Political referendums in the 1930’s resulting in criminalization of cannabis created decades of advertising and anti-drug campaigns that have affected Americans’ attitudes and perceptions about cannabis users.

As a woman of Asian ancestry, Angelica realized she needed to educate Asian Americans on the medicinal properties and history of cannabis as medicine in their culture. Her knowledge of holistic medicine coupled with scientific research, patient’s stories, and her and her husband’s, a Veteran, personal experiences and journey enables Angelica to address patients’ questions and needs. 

It was this knowledge and commitment that brought Angelica to RISE. RISE’s company values and company culture resonates with Angelica’s core beliefs and her approach to educating and working with the community.

RISE not only focuses on quality, they focus on the “whole plant” including the properties and role of terpenes. Their corporate (Green Thumb Industries) mission statement includes:

“We believe everyone has a right to well-being. Within our industry, we hold ourselves to a higher standard to grow and serve even more people with safe, quality cannabis. As a leading cannabis company we exist to be helpful stewards on everyone’s journey to well being.”

At RISE the Community Outreach Specialist involves more than ensuring positive and stress free experiences for patients, it is educating and being an active part of the community.

Angelica and the RISE Team will participate in the 2022 Komen Miami/Ft. Lauderdale MORE THAN PINK Walk, October 08. 

RISE supports the community and RISE hopes that its cannabis community will support cancer research by donating to the RISE Team’s goal at their page on Susan G. Kormen.

You can connect with Angelica and team members at RISE sponsored networking and special events that emphasize women’s roles in cannabis and the industry.  Green Thumb Industries has 17 manufacturing facilities, 77 open retail locations and operations across 15 U.S. markets. Established in 2014, Green Thumb employs approximately 4,000 people. The number of women and minorities is significantly greater than the national average. 

Angelica LilleyAngelica points out the influence women have within the company and how it carries over to the product lines and the future for women in the cannabis industry.

“Having women in the industry and in positions to make decisions is what is needed to progress our presence. RISE has a Tincture line called The Feel Collection…. “Created by Badass Women, for Badass Women”.  Enough said.”

RISE – Green Thumb Industries raises the standard of community investment with Good Green which offers unrestricted funding for 501(c)3’s working in Black and Brown communities that are creating change in Education, Employment, and Expungement.

Meet Angelica and team at the WCCC Candy Making Event October 16 in Jacksonville.

Learn more about Angelica’s expertise, experiences and insights on being a woman in the cannabis industry with Women Cultivating Success – Conversations with Women in the Cannabis Industry, Online, October 19. Join the Conversation! REGISTER

Angelica Lilley Women Cultivating Success

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Thunder Breathe Walker Women Cultivating Success

Thunder Breathe Walker

Thunder Breathe Walker elevates the energy of entrepreneurship and empowerment. Her career path and life mission merges into creating companies focused on helping and healing.Thunder Breathe Walker Women Cultivating Success Women Pushing Dirt, which teaches the best strategies for starting and improving a career in real estate, reflects Thunder’s mentoring style. She is a self described wellness/lifestyle real estate developer. She is passionate about helping women build wealth and wellness. 

Thunder Breathe Walker Women Cultivating SuccessHer digital magazine and podcast The Dirt, spotlights empowered women in the real estate industry across the U.S. and Canada. The Dirt’s tagline says it all:

“Ladies, if the only piece of real estate you have ever owned was your doll house, playhouse, swing set or your dog house then you have arrived at the right place!  The Dirt is your source for real estate knowledge.”

Thunder Breathe Walker is a Water, Fire & Earth Intuitive and a Certified Life Coach and Developer of several Green Zone real estate properties and owner of three successful Airbnbs, creating a real estate wellness business. Thunder’s path and mission merged in the creation of Breathe House. The Breathe House is an inclusive destination retreat designed for living life in the moment. With creative programs, unique treatments, nourishing cuisine, and wellness specialists, The Breathe House helps people build their own sense of balance. 

Thunder could be described as an intuitive entrepreneur. She understood and had experienced the healing properties of cannabis. She also recognized the business opportunities the cannabis industry is creating. Her concern was about the quality of the products on the market and integrity of the cultivators and processors. 

Thunder Breathe Walker Women Cultivating SuccessThunder Breathe Walker is the founder and owner of Proud Mary Botanicals, a forerunner in the cutthroat CBD industry. Proud Mary Botanicals’ commitment to quality and innovative, beautifully designed labeling and branding sets them apart from their competitors. 

Each CBD item they sell is GMP affirmed, as well as, contracting an outsider research facility to ensure quality. Thunder’s business focus on quality extends to customer service. Proud Mary Botanicals’ online sales ensures purchasers security. Client fulfillment and satisfaction is impeccable.

Thunder is a charismatic speaker who has been featured at KushCon, CannaSoul, Winning Woman on the Rise in Cannabis, and Women in Cannabis Conferences.

Thunder Breathe Walker Women Cultivating SuccessShe will be one of the featured speakers at the Women In Cannabis Expo Las Vegas, Nevada, Sept 27, 2022

Thunder Breathe Walker brings her intuitive entrepreneurship, empowering and inspiring energy, and creativity to the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce. 

Thunder is the newly appointed Executive Director of the Oklahoma Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce. She is in the process of organizing monthly networking functions and special events. 

The event schedule will be available on the Chamber Networking & Special Events page.

The depth of Thunder’s entrepreneurship and involvement in creating a healthy, caring community does not translate into words on a page. She is best represented in images. Check out her Instagram.

Join Thunder Wednesday, October 26, 6:30 Est online for Women Cultivating Success – Conversations with Women In the Cannabis Industry. Hosted by the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce this is an interactive experience bringing women together throughout the U.S. to learn, share, and connect. Join the Conversation


Thunder Breathe Walker

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Lisa Pickett Women Cultivating Success

Lisa Pickett Winning llc

Lisa Pickett (CLDP, CMT, CLC) was born and raised in Queens, New York, and has been bi-coastal for many years until finally making Los Angeles her home. 

Lisa is an active Learning & Development specialist with years of experience, multiple certifications, and the necessary empathetic sensibilities needed to lead in today’s complex workplace. She maintains her deep interest in the following: Employee development, modern workplace learning strategies, social and self-directed learning, design of online learning experiences, and interactive workshops.  Lisa is a master collaborator, aligning L&D strategy, employee skill sets, and an organization’s driving goals and initiatives.  

Lisa P. creates effective and impactful HR, coaching, and workshops as part of Winning Coaching.  Lisa’s intention is to leave every person and place she encounters better than before they met, or she arrived.

Coach Ash and Lisa Pickett developed and facilitate the HIGHer Executive Leadership Development Course. 

Join guest, Lisa Pickett, September 28th, 6:30 est at Women Cultivating Success Conversations with Women in the Cannabis Industry Online – Interactive – Free. Hosted by the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.

Join In The Conversation. Register Here


Lisa Pickett Women Cultivating Success

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Sierra Riddle

Landon'sIn September of 2012, Sierra Riddle could not have imagined the direction her life was about to take and that she would be fighting for her son’s life under the scrutiny of national media.

Sierra was a young single mother of a beautiful two year old boy, Landon. Landon had developed a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. The emergency room doctor diagnosed it as a virus and sent him home. Two days later Landon’s armpits were also swollen. “They thought it was either a virus or infection in the lymph nodes, so they gave him some antibiotics.” By day five his groin, abdomen and throat were swollen and he was having trouble breathing. “His whole chest was full of leukemia tumors, which is why he couldn’t breathe,” his mother says.  Landon was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at just 2-years-old.  “They started him on chemo, but told us that he probably wasn’t going to make it. Landon’s cancer had quickly progressed, leading doctors to give him an 8% chance of survival.” Landon was originally given only a 10 percent chance of living through the first two days of treatment.

Doctors put Landon on a four-year treatment plan. The first two months of chemo went fairly well, but then Landon became extremely ill.  He had been prescribed medications like OxyContin and morphine — medications with significant side effects. Landon suffered from stomach failure, and “the OxyContin made him so miserable, when he had hair, he would literally try to pull his hair out.” Sierra watched her toddler becoming dependent on narcotic pain killers. “Around the clock, he was usually on liquid morphine, Ativan, Promethazine,” Sierra told CNN. “And it just really didn’t seem to be helping.” 

Sierra was determined to do more than safe her son’s life, she wanted a quality life for Landon. Her journey led her to the Realm of Caring. Landon began with what’s called CBD oil from marijuana containing a very low level THC, the psychoactive ingredient. Wendy Riddle, Landon’s grandmother, says the effects “were almost immediate”.

This is not the end of Sierra’s story, it is the beginning. It is the beginning of a battle that propelled Sierra Riddle into the national spotlight. 

She quickly connected with groups of patients and began speaking at local events. Sierra and Landon’s story became part of Dr. Gupta Sanjay’s documentary on Medical Marijuana. Except 

Fueled by her passion to provide access to safe, natural cannabis and education to people diagnosed with cancer Sierra became an activist for patients’ rights and sought after national speaker. She was instrumental in the founding of CannaMommy. 

CannaMommy Clinic is a free online resource that establishes a bridge between the patient and provider, eliminating the fear of CPS or law enforcement.

Sierra and Landon had moved to Colorado where Landon, who would become the youngest medical marijuana patient in the state, could have access to his medicine. 

Landon’s oncology team began reporting Sierra to Child Protective Services for refusing to give Landon chemotherapy despite the documented improvement in his health. She was being accused of medical abuse and neglect. The oncology team was advocating to put Landon in medical foster care in order to resume his chemo treatments. Face to face with the director of CPS, her son’s team of doctors, top administrators from the Children’s Hospital Colorado oncology department and lawyers Sierra began a second battle for her son’s health and well being.

“Listen: Here’s all this chemo you told CPS he cannot live without, and if I didn’t give it to him, he would relapse and die.” Sierra dumped a bag of prescription drugs onto the table. 

It had been over a year since Landon had taken the meditation. The doctors’ could not argue his improvement. 

“I just want to say, no matter what I am not going to give him chemo, but I’m not going to risk losing him either.  I’m not going to push it that far.”

Sierra was prepared for this battle. Realm of Caring provided the opportunity to educate herself on cannabis and cannabidiol therapies. She relentently sought out every piece of research on cannabis and cannabidiol therapies. Sierra has become known as an expert in Pediatric Cannabis/CBD Therapy and speaks at medical conferences throughout the country.

A passion for providing her son with health coupled with her passion for the plant inspired Landons Health Hut. 

“Landon’s Health Hut provides natural and organic CBD health products created right in my own kitchen. As I researched natural and alternative health, it was crazy to me that people thought they had to rely on such harsh pharmaceutical medicines to feel better. They couldn’t recognize the ingredients and they had side effects that were so severe. In the beginning stages, I found old-time remedies that I knew I could enhance with my newfound knowledge of healing.

I used ingredients from my own kitchen and made them into powerful healing agents. And you know what? There was nothing scary about my formulations, because the ingredients were REAL and authentic.”

2019 the first harvest of a boutique strain, Landon’s Legacy from Green Seed Farm. It yielded half a pound as was popular with the patrons of Steve’s Greens Cannabis + Wellness.

“Landon’s Legacy is a high-THC medicinal cannabis strain, and it is something that we are very proud of and have worked on for quite a few years and it will be marketed as a strain that is fantastic for children with a multitude of health issues and terminal illnesses and will always be grown organically,” Sierra Riddle said. “I’m only allowing contracts with dispensaries that are going to do it the right way as well as give back to their local communities there because that’s what it’s all about. Part of my partnership agreement is that they — whoever wants to carry my genetics and have access to all of these amazing things — will donate 10 to 20 percent of those sales for those specific genetics back into my nonprofit, which will then continuously be able to help people in their communities. As well, we are an international nonprofit and so we help families all over the world with plant-based medicine as well as plant-based education.”

“Landon’s Revenge is the second strain, and it’s just about ready to go as sending it across state lines and being ready for a full-blown production grow,” she said. “And that is going to be a high-CBD strain with a healthy amount of CBG, CBN and THC. And that will be also marketed mainly as a safe medication for children with illnesses and everything else but obviously works fantastically for adults as well. It’s just here at Landon’s Health Hut, we like to focus on children with terminal illnesses and life-threatening diseases.”

Sierra Riddle was an ordinary young woman who through her battles evolved into an extraordinary woman shaking things up and making change happen.

Landon's“Landon now is going to celebrate seven years cancer-free this year, which also will mark five years past any medical treatment, which is what the medical community considers cured,” Sierra said. “For Landon, we’ll be cured medically this year, and he is the first and only child to have successfully survived childhood leukemia without the treatment.”


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